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June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13 (Session 2, Day 11)

Wednesday, June 13 (Session 2, Day 11)


Imago Dei! 

At 6:45am, the poor inhabitants of Manitou Springs awoke to a cry coming across the valley. It was the sound of the manly men who were rallying around Steven Warren, who led the manly man hike. The man hike is a Summit tradition and ended with all-you-can-eat donuts, because being manly means hiking up a mountain and eating junk food. 

Meanwhile, the girls were doing feminine things that I don’t understand. What I do know is that they were prompted to answer questions like, “To what do I aspire?” Obviously they have higher thoughts than the men. 

The morning sessions started out with Greg Flemings. Besides his accent being beyond amazing, as he is from New Zealand, he shared many insights about the fallen world in which we live. 

Next we had Dr. Todd Wood share about the origin of species, and how to deal with the tensions that are often involved between science and our faith. He left a lot of questions purposefully unanswered and encouraged us to do our own research. 

Lunch was amazing! Afterward, we heard from the famous Mike Adams. He talked to us about certain questions that we should learn in order to poke holes in other people’s arguments. According to Dr. Adams, just make sure to only ask one of these questions a day, otherwise you might kill the other person. 

FREE TIME! This is Summit code language for, “We really think that you should go to graffiti falls and drink some maté.” We were all very grateful to spend some time with the hippies of Manitou Springs and worked hard to dodge the smoke coming out of their nostrils. 

The night sessions started out with Ryan Dobson. He started out with giving us a huge piece of advice that he wished that he had learned while younger; don’t be mean. No one likes a “meanyhead.” It just turns people off, even if you happen to be right. He also talked about some of the hard issues that he has had to work through. He brought great insight into how we really think. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. When bad things happen, we tend to hate the bad circumstances and think that things will never be okay. Instead, we need to learn to trust that God is in control. 

The night ended with the staff auction. This is where the staff sold their abilities in order to raise money for children in Sudan. Some bought cooking lessons from Steven, the chef. I personally believe all women should have bought that. Some also payed to stay up all night on Friday with the Nightwatch, which I’m sure will feel wonderful the next day. Some also bought the ability to shave Zander and Cameron’s beards. Right now, Zander is walking around with tiger stripes on his face, while Cam is sporting a triangle under his chin and random patches of hair other places. 

I sign out listening to Zander list the top twenty ways to win a woman’s heart. The perfect way to end a great day. 


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  • June 14, 2012 // 11:30 am //  # 
    Brittney Deoliveira's avatar Brittney Deoliveira

    I miss Summit SO much! Hope you are enjoying your time there Nathaniel (and learning a LOT)! Come home with a motivation to do something(s). I didn’t know you were there… Thanks for the news. Nicely written. Discriptive and funny. And reminds me of my experience. Can’t wait for the Semester this fall! :D

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