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July 07, 2011

Wednesday, July 6 (Session 4, Day 11)

Wednesday, July 6 (Session 4, Day 11)

Welcome, readers! Fortunately the moods today at Summit were not reflective of the weather, or else they would have started cool and gone downhill from there. Waking at the blessed hour of 5:30 in the morning, the gentleman at Summit started their day with a brisk hike up Red Mountain, followed by doughnuts and a much brisker sprint down the side of the mountain called “The Washout”. While we were doing this, les femmes started their day with a delightful sojourn and meal by the pool. Interesting, I’m sure. Here in Manitou Springs, Colorado (the witchcraft capital of America, for those who didn’t know… an ironic location for Summit Ministries) the days usually begin in the low sixties, which makes for very nice hiking. Although I can not speak for what was discussed at the ladies’ breakfast, the men’s discussion was centered largely around what was discussed at last night’s “Manference”. I can only assume the girl’s discussion was in direct conjunction with the “Feminar”. As the day progressed through classes, food, naps, and other such necessities (some of them at the same time), the skies outside darkened and are now dropping rain onto us. Today’s classes included hearing from the head lawyer at the Alliance Defense Fund on the antagonistic nature of universities towards evangelical Christians, hearing from John Stonestreet on “The Brave New World of Biotechnology” (Aldous Huxley just rolled over in his grave), and finally from the one and only Ryan Dobson on conversational apologetics (essentially the art of discussing our faith with others without being a jerk). Later in the afternoon there was a time during which all of those who were either sick during earlier tests of who did not pass the last two tests could retake the Bible test offered twice at earlier dates. Tonight there will be a time during which all students can gorge themselves on that blessed sustenance named pizza, God’s gift to college students.

I had the personal pleasure of having dinner one-on-one with my small group leader and mentor, Ty, during which we talked about everything from marriage to Marx, from business to basketball. Situations like this one have been quite easily the highlight of my time here at Summit. The sheer fact that one can go straight from sitting at the feet of the world’s experts on abortion, biotechnology, and even cartoons to sitting at the feet of another young man or woman like yourself and talking about the same things or, heck, the fact that the Miami Heat should have won the NBA finals, is a gift and an opportunity that should not go unmentioned or unappreciated. This is a week and an experience that will stick with not only me but with every student here for eternity. So to all of the parents out there who are reading this, thank you for the amazing gift that you have given each and every one of us. Thank you for raising us in such a manner that we might come to this teaching like thirsty runners to water, and thank you for providing the means. Know that you have given us a gift that will last far longer than two weeks; it will last an eternity. Thank you, and goodnight.

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