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July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27 (Session 5, Day 10)

Wednesday, July 27 (Session 5, Day 10)

As the sun arose this morning, I awoke to utter silence. This may seem bizarre to all those who have been woken by the colorful morning melodies of the parade of night watch staff members in Summit sessions past, but this morning for me is different. This morning all those dedicated manly men who can live off of two hours of sleep are currently climbing the ominous Red Mountain located behind the Summit quarters. I, on the other hand, need my sleep like I need air to breathe; otherwise I become a Hulk version of Ebenezer Scrooge. During the first few lessons of the day my mind buzzed into action as the words of Del Tackett brought me a new structure of understanding of our nation’s birth and education, and how these institutions were nursed into life by the firm belief in Jesus Christ. Then as a member of the Alliance Defense Fund took the stage I began to smile. The reason for this is because over the course of these two weeks I’ve felt called to join in on the fight for free speech for Christians among the collegiate scene. Both the words of Mr. Mattox and Mr. Adams have made me rethink and treasure my ability to speak freely among my peers.

Then let’s fast forward to the most influential time of my day and probably of the whole session. When Ryan Dobson took the stage I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, but boy did I need to hold on to something! Slowly, moment after moment, Mr. Dobson’s story opened my eyes to not only how to be a renaissance man of God but also how to be a man after God’s own heart. His profound story of how to be a godly man rang deep within my heart and made my soul applaud. As our society bombards us with images and motifs of what a man is supposed to be, we need a crystal clear example like the life choices of Mr. Dobson. I believe that if every man were to take his lessons to heart and be as ethically proactive in their relationships with today’s daughters of the King that we wouldn’t have to worry about coming into marriages with baggage or premarital skeletons in our closets. His ability to trust in the Lord and let it be helps an adolescent mind like mine be put to rest. Because if one man can stand for God like he has, anyone can. So now as the session comes to an end, I await a story of epic proportions. Not just the one that my group won in the Iditarod-paced staff auction, but that of a new chapter in my life. The chapter beginning with a pure heart and guided by a Summit-versed mind. And that starts with two words: “Giddy up.”

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  • July 31, 2011 // 06:28 am //  # 
    S. Toby-Jeanne's avatar S. Toby-Jeanne

    Dakota.. you’re completely right about dobson!

  • August 03, 2011 // 10:22 am //  # 
    Eliza Willcox's avatar Eliza Willcox

    Heck yes. smile Way to go, Dakota, this is great.

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