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September 01, 2011

Wednesday, August 31st (Session 8, Day 3)

Wednesday, August 31st (Session 8, Day 3)


Dr. Noebel opened our day’s classes which he spoke on two main topics. Reasons to study the Bible (study, not read) and absolutes. I’m going to be focusing more on the latter. When someone says that they don’t believe in absolutes, they don’t mean it. They may think they mean it, but seriously, they don’t. Next time someone says that they don’t buy it, ask them this: “Is it okay to kill your professor at your school? I mean, kill them…” Most commonly, the answer is negative. “Is it okay to steal from a blind man?” No. Absolutely not. There’s two absolutes right there, and you can’t deny it.  That stuck out real far for me. What a quality argument to use when sharing the Gospel!

We took the Bible exam today…

Dr. Myers spoke this evening about life and life’s purpose. He talked about how dogs will do what they are made to do without any motivation from man. Why don’t we do what we were made to do without motivation from the Lord? Why aren’t we eager to work hard for the Lord? We need to be listening to His calling and do what he says. Christ doesn’t move immobile things. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” He doesn’t move your legs down the path; He directs you.

As well as class room time today, I also got to show Christ to a guy in town. He said he traveled and was staying in Manitou for a week or two. He didn’t say straight up that he was homeless, but after hanging out with him, I’m almost positive that he doesn’t have a home or much money. He had a banjo, and we jammed together for a little while. I got to just listen to him talk about what he thought.  I didn’t say anything about my faith directly, but did what I could to act like Christ. As we parted he told me now he had to go find something to eat, and as he walked away, he asked someone if their carry out box was lonely food. Tomorrow Eric and I are going to take some eats down to him, so he’ll have a full meal and know that someone cares for him. Not just us, but Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died for him… that’s sinking in real deep, and the longer I’m here at Summit, the more I understand.

It’s a rad experience I’ve had here. The Lord is working in our lives. He’s doing some pretty amazing things!


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    Well, at first we have to read the Bible in order to be able to study it, or this is supposed to be done already?

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