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August 28, 2012

Wednesday, August 29 (Session 7, Day 11)

Wednesday, August 29 (Session 7, Day 11)


Imagine a place where people your age come together for a purpose; the purpose to find truth, faith, strength, and wisdom in God. A room where any question you have about Christianity can be answered. Well you don’t have to imagine a place like this, because it already exists. Summit Ministries is this and so much more. I honestly would say you don’t really know what Summit is until you come and experiences it yourself.  And if you were like me, I read all the blogs so that I could prepare myself for the two weeks I would have here.  Though I did get an idea on Summit, it holds nothing to what I know now.

In these two weeks I have taken so many notes, on all the talks we have had, I am surprised my hand hasn’t fallen off yet! I also have my share in doodles along with my notes, but please keep in mind we are in a classroom for a little more than seven hours! Now don’t let that intimidate you, the classroom time has been amazing! We have learned why we have evil suffering, the nature of sin, the many world views, and a very intense discussion on Pelagius & Augustine and who was right. We have had many more discussions but those are the top ones floating in my head at the moment. Besides the serious and enlightening talks, we have had our share in “free time” fun. Between the rock climbing, hiking, volleyball, and shopping at the unique town of Manitou Springs, there is no such thing as a normal free time.

I have enjoyed myself so much here in these two weeks and feel blessed to be a part of it. I enjoy the topics my roommates and I have every night from boys, marriage, and dating/courtship. It is a great thing when different views come together and share their ideas. Another thing I have enjoyed is the Garden theme my roommates and I have put together for our room check, I don’t think I have seen so much pink and green in my life! I love the new friends I have made here; I know love may be a big word to use but we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and using any other word would not do it justice!

If you are still reading this and you are not my mother or any of my friends thank you so much for staying with me and I hope I haven’t lost you in my words and that you have some of what of an idea on what summit may be, and if there is anything I would want you to take from this is, Ideas have consequences. Summit is an amazing program and I wouldn’t take back these two weeks for anything! 


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  • August 29, 2012 // 07:29 am //  # 
    The Browns's avatar The Browns

    Our family has enjoyed the blog postings all through this session, and we are making a point of responding to all of them, so that you can all know that someone besides your family and friends took the time to read them! grin  Since we’ll have to wait for our son’s return to hear more specifics, we love hearing what you all are learning and thinking about and doing.  Thanks for taking time to share how you have been blessed there at Summit!

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