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August 26, 2011

Wednesday, August 24 (Session 7, Day 10)

Wednesday, August 24 (Session 7, Day 10)

Wow, day ten already! Time seems to have flown by. I woke up this morning not really wanting to climb out of my soft, comfy bed. But then I remembered there was something special about this morning - Ladies Breakfast! For this event, all the lovely ladies of Summit get to enjoy eating berries by the side of the pool and talk about girl topics. When I first arrived at the pool, the girls were in line for the scrumptious breakfast which included lots and lots of fruit (one of my very, very favorite foods!) and bagels with strawberry cream cheese. But, enough about the food. The main purpose of this meeting was for the girls to be able to ask any question to a board of wise, experienced women. All of the ladies gave expert advice on such subjects as modesty, guys, and femininity. One topic that spoke very clearly to me was about what influence we have over men. Women are able to encourage, empower, and motivate men, or to tear down and discourage our brothers in Christ. It challenged me to be aware of how I speak to my guy friends. I know I want to see each of them succeed in life and live for Christ, but I never stopped to consider how I could be a part of that success.

Afterwards I ran back to my room to help my roommates clean before inspection. Then, the bell rang for classes to start. The first speaker of the day was Dr. Del Tackett, who was part of the series “The Truth Project.” He spoke predominately about America’s godly heritage. In George Washington’s farewell address he stated that one of the foundations of freedom is morality. Our nation has drastically drifted from the values our founding fathers held so dear. Now we are bound by “tolerance” and “political correctness.” The next speaker was Jeremy Tedesco. Since Summit is geared especially toward college students, Mr. Tedesco addressed the issues Christians will face in universities. He shared his college story of facing roommates who did drugs and were binge drinkers, as well as how he stood up for his beliefs, even though he was the only one willing to speak up. At one point, he stated that “silence is consent.” I realized just how true this was. How many times have I stayed quiet for the sake of not offending someone or simply because I was uncomfortable confronting an issue? I now realize that in doing so, I was consenting with the opposing belief. Lord willing, I will have the courage from now on to be firm in my beliefs and not remain silent anymore.

After lunch, we finished up the afternoon with Chuck Edwards talking about about worldviews in movies. He pointed out that, whether we realize it or not, movies educate us as well as entertain us. He played clips from movies such as Star Wars, Avatar, and Happy Feet. After each clip, he helped us evaluate what the message the writers intended to share is. For the rest of the afternoon, we had free time! Then after supper, I attended open forum with Chuck Edwards. During this time, the students are able to ask questions that they have from either the lectures or their own studies. After debrief and worship, John Stonestreet spoke on knowing when our worldview is truly biblical. The evening was concluded with our last small group meeting. Truly, my small group has been wonderful. My leaders are fantastic, godly, and wise young women who I look up to so much. Finally, after returning from our small group excursion downtown Manitou Springs, the Summit staff held the auction to raise money for Sudan! Each session, the staff sell certain items, such as the opportunity to stay up with the fantastic night watch, smoothies, a Chick-Fil-A run, and many other things. Also, Thor, a crazy awesome staff member received his hammer! He was elated to say the least. Undoubtedly, the day was full of fun, life lessons, and meaningful discussions. Summit has been a wonderful experience for me, and I know the last few days will be just as incredible!

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