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August 21, 2012

Wednesday, August 22 (Session 7, Day 4)

Wednesday, August 22 (Session 7, Day 4)


My third day at Summit - and so far all I can say is intense. (Incredible, too, but intense definitely comes first!)  So far I have sat through ten sessions of lectures - the topics have varied from abortion, to apologetics, to competing worldviews (and, which worldview is actually true.)  Think information overload - but in a really good way. 

This morning Mike Mittelburg spoke on 20 Reasons Why Christianity Is True.  If there's one subject I am passionate about, it's apologetics. I love hearing evidence for the Bible as the Word of God....I love hearing about new archeological discoveries that prove, yet again, that Christianity is reliable. So hearing him present his twenty arguments in favor of the accuracy of Scripture was great - it was like putting another brick in my wall of confidence that yes, this is all true.   After his presentation, he took questions from the students, and then again, after lunch, an open forum on the front porch for even more questions.  (Hint: a great time to get questions answered!! grin

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner..... was once more delish. More great Summit food; think egg casserole, chicken tenders, fries, salad, bread pudding, peach cobbler, meatballs, breadsticks, fruit, steamed veggies, salad.....they really spoil you here! The food is amazing and it keeps ya going during those lengthy (but still incredible) lectures... and the chef does a great job of cooking it all and manages to be hilarious the rest of the time!!

Probably my favorite presentation, however, was by Dr. Jeff Myers entitled: Counterfeit Claims to Power. Unpacking the whole subject of worldview is complicated - and there's a lot to take in - but it's like getting a huge steak dinner, a lot there but so, so good. One illustration was particularly intriguing to me. Picture seeing the top of an iceberg out in the ocean. It's all you can see from above; but underneath lies a monster of ice that is hidden by the water. Dr. Myers compared the top of the iceberg to the behaviors people can see on the outside, and the rest of the huge iceberg underneath to our worldview, what's on the inside. And similarly, with his triangle illustration: our worldview determines our actions......though the actions are all people see on the outside, and changing one's actions does not fix your worldview. The inside needs to get changed first.

He ended the lecture on a challenging note:  there are a bunch of ideas out there, but ideas have consequences.  So making sure we take note of and follow the right ideas is absolutely imperative.

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  • August 23, 2012 // 04:31 pm //  # 
    Grandma Moore's avatar Grandma Moore

    Rachel, I am thrilled to read that you are learning and absorbing so much at the Summit.  It reads like a college graduate level seminar.  Please know I am praying for you in many requests.  God is not stingy and He provides abundantly.
    Love you,
    Grandma Moore

  • August 24, 2012 // 06:42 am //  # 
    Sue Brown's avatar Sue Brown

    In anticipation of sending our son to Summit this session, we spent a lot of the summer eagerly reading the blog posts.  So now, as we pray at home for all of you, we really appreciate news of what you’re learning and experiencing.  Thanks for being first to share your experience!

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