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August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17 (Session 7, Day 3)

Wednesday, August 17 (Session 7, Day 3)

It is currently 10:38 pm and I am exhausted. However, it has been a fantastic day! I woke up this morning, took a refreshing shower, ate breakfast, and listened to Dr. David A. Noebel’s concluding speech, “Worldviews in Collision.” After that, we listened to speakers Ryan Dobson and Dr. Frank Beckwith. Dr. Beckwith spoke on law and government, which was very interesting. I have to admit that there was so much information that a lot of it went over my head. However, I do have two or three hand-outs covering his whole talk and my own notes. Dr. Beckwith has an amazing vocabulary that greatly inspires me to become a philosopher.

After the morning sessions we had lunch, a lecture by Mr. Dobson, and the Bible exam. Yay! Truthfully, I feel pretty good about the exam, but no one will know their score until the morning. So, even though we’re all exhausted from a full day of eating, sitting, running up the stairs, and thinking, we’ve arrived at a conflict. We actually want morning to come soon so we can see the results. Anyone at the Summit for the first time is required to get 100 out of 180 to pass. Not that bad, if you think about it. For alumni, the minimum is 125. If you’re trying to participate in the Excellence Program the requirement is 130 or above. If you don’t pass the test, they do provide a review class and the chance to retake the test on Monday. I would like to achieve “Excellence,” but we’ll see what happens.

For the rest of the afternoon we could choose between free time or community service. The “Excellence” students had to do the community service. The group that I was with went to Graffiti Falls and picked up trash. It was fun! There was a natural stream flowing along with a blue sky above and big, fluffy clouds like the ones in the Pixar movies.

Following dinner, we had an open forum with Mr. Dobson and Dr. Beckwith on the front porch. Afterwards, Mr. Dobson concluded our lectures this evening on the topic of whether or not to trust God. Most of Mr. Dobson’s speeches are made up of life stories, which not only makes him a clever and intriguing speaker, but also very personable. We finished the night with the first half of a movie called “Agenda.” And now I am writing up my day in these few paragraphs.

In conclusion, it has been an amazing day! One of the things that makes Summit so awesome is how it challenges you to think. Though these paragraphs are nothing more than a description of a day in the life of a Summit student, I would like to give you a taste of the Summit experience by challenging you to think outside the box. Live for God and be different.

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