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August 15, 2012

Wednesday, August 15 (Session 6, Day 11)

Wednesday, August 15 (Session 6, Day 11)

It is night now. The Summit household is quiet and peaceful as I reflect over the events that took place just earlier today. Waking up was less brutal than usual, since I allowed myself to sleep in just a tad this morning. The aches and bruises I had from playing paintball were evident as I began to move but it brought a smile to my face. Summit puts a new meaning to the phrase “work hard, play hard.”

I quickly got ready to grab breakfast before the lecture began. As tired as I was, the lecture that Jordan Lawrence gave was enticing. The topic was over same-sex marriage and on what Christians face in society today on topics that shake their moral compass and what God designed and planned for us. One of my favorite parts about the lecture was when the students around me began firing questions. It really brings a different atmosphere from the usual nonchalant high school classroom that I’m used to.

After a delicious lunch break which the kitchen crew prepared for us, one of my favorite speakers spoke next: Dr. Mike Adams. You could feel the energy in the air as Journey played through the speakers and everyone started chanting “Mike! Mike! Mike!” Dr. Adams immediately started talking about his experience on taking a stand for the faith. The lecture left everyone with a cliffhanger and a craving to know more.

Pumped from the lecture, the students left for sports time at the park. My adrenaline grew more intense as soon as our bus started singing. There’s just something about everyone letting loose and building friendships by singing. It brings a certain happiness. Sports time was fun as I played volleyball. I honestly felt bad for my team, for my horrible attempt to actually play, but the encouragement from them made it worthwhile.

As it neared 5:00 pm , we all climbed back on the bus for what is one of my favorite events at Summit: dinner time. The chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top has been one of my favorite meals from Summit, hands down. My second favorite event was at praise and worship. The time I took to praise God for this amazing experience and what I had learned was very much needed. You could sense God’s presence in the room as we gathered to glorify and sing praise to him.

In our next lecture, we were able to hear not only Dr. Jeff Myers speak but his lovely wife Danielle speak as well. They made a great team on discussing the bullet points on what roles each of us have as men and women in this world. Then came the Feminar. Listening to those mentors, wiser and older than us, speak about their experiences as women was inspiring. We ended the night going to our small groups and the discussion was amazing as always. The fact that we could all just be honest and love each other as sisters in our deepest thoughts reveals our depth as a group. Relaying all that had happened today causes me to see the people of Summit as one of a kind. I am so blessed to be here and experience it. Goodnight!

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