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September 03, 2011

Saturday, September 3rd (Session 8, Day 6)

Saturday, September 3rd (Session 8, Day 6)

It’s  Tuesday. And this is Saturday’s blog.


Hi! My  name is Kirstine, and I am rewriting last Saturday’s blog thanks to a windows computer…  it ate my entry, performed a disappearing act on it, and refuses to let us know what happened. One more reason to love macs! [poke,poke !]

Anyways…. Last Saturday, while most of the students had their morning classes, the six of us alumni lounged on the lobby couches, soaking in discussion with Chuck Edwards and Jeff Myers. Have you ever wondered exactly what faith is? Dr. Myers patiently helped us to dialogue and start thinking about it. I am far from understanding exactly what faith is – that will be a lifetime journey – but one thing I reaffirmed once again: faith is not wishing!

Dr. Myers also solicited our feedback on some ideas for post-transition Summit – I was honored at his valuing our opinions; getting to spend time with some of the speakers in a more intimate environment is definitely a perk of being alumni!

I am absorbing so much more this, my second time at Summit – besides enjoying the few new speakers I didn’t get to hear last year, my mind is so much more relaxed and able to grasp the ideas and principles being laid forth; like an onion, there are so many layers to understand – this year I am able to delve deeper in towards the central things than I could last year, when I didn’t know what exactly to expect. This year, Summit is home away from home.  [and don’t even get me started on how delightful the staff is – seriously guys, thanks for everything!]

Saturday afternoon, all of us students spent hours and hours at the park – culminating in a picnic. I hung out most of the time, chatting, or just silently enjoying the view. For this Minnesota girl, a park backed by mountains is awe-inspiring. I just wish a photo could actually capture it.


One of my favorite things about being at Summit for the second time is, reuniting with staff friends from last year, seeing their familiar faces, getting to know them better. I still have far to go in learning how to handle relationships, but the more I get to know these kind, generous people, the more I want to be with them, and like them.  Never let anyone tell you that mere aquaintences don’t influence you. I am answering a call to higher living, day to day, just by watching. A deep desire to grow – higher up, and higher in! – is tugging at my soul, and the answer, while perhaps faint at first, I intend to nurture and let grow.


Right now, I am standing at the front desk, trying to think of an ending for this blog, with ten minutes until class – to sum up, consider these words my most heartfelt gratitude to all of Summit, everything and every ONE the name entails – I know, with God and all these people, I will be better. For the rest of my life. Thanks guys! 

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