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May 29, 2012

Tuesday, May 29 (Session 1, Day 9)

Tuesday, May 29 (Session 1, Day 9)


Today was another great day at Summit! We began the morning by learning about Mormonism from Dr. Douglas Groothuis. He spoke specifically about discerning truth from error, what a cult is, and how Mormonism plays into this. Even though we were learning about Mormonism, Dr. Groothuis was very purposeful in putting the Gospel at the center of disproving the lies of the cult. I learned a great deal about how Mormonism is growing in the United States.  


After our break, we heard from Mr. Baylor, a lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund. Mr. Baylor taught about natural law: certain things built into the nature of man that are right or wrong. He then told us about the current lack of belief in natural law and how this plays out in the court room. He gave countless examples of cases the Alliance Defense Fund is currently working on, each with the purpose of preserving biblical  principles. It was very encouraging to hear about something being done to uphold our freedoms in a society constantly belittling and criticizing Christian beliefs.  


Lunch was delicious, like all of the food here at Summit! Soon after, we were privileged to hear from Dr. Mike Adams. Dr. Adams lectured on “Your Constitutional Right to be Offended,” specifically focusing on the persecution that biblical beliefs are facing on college campuses. Dr. Adams gave several examples of litigation focusing on the problem of campus speech codes. His main point was that Christians have the right to be offended when their rights are taken away.  


Sports Time gave our brains a much deserved break. Students played speed volleyball, basketball, or just talked with new friends! This evening, Dr. Jeff Myers and his wife, Danielle, spoke on masculinity and femininity. The Myers focused on Genesis 1-3, discussing God’s perfect plan for gender roles and how the fall of man distorted that. Although all men are created in God’s image, God designed both men and women with distinctly different roles. The Myers gave four distinct differences, and then discussed how this practically plays out in everyday life. The students were then split up between guys and girls, and we had the Manference and Feminar! My favorite part of the day was learning more about becoming a godly woman from women who are in my shoes.  


I have learned so much at Summit, and I am excited to take all of my new knowledge home! I have definitely become a more intelligent believer. Also, I have made a ton of new friends from all over the country that will be friends for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for this experience!


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