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May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24 (Session 1, Day 9)

Tuesday, May 24 (Session 1, Day 9)

Today’s breakfast was rather unique, the men had mancakes (extra large pancakes which had an average diameter of 9 inches) and the ladies had chocolate chip pancakes. The first session of the day was “Bible Hour” with Eric Smith. The session was a review of characters in the Bible, the Abrahamic Covenant, and God’s Redemption. We surveyed though the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Joshua. I think one part of the session that stood out was when Mr. Smith pointed out that the origin of sin was evident in Genesis 3:11, and the effects and spreading of sin can be observed through the Books in the Old Testament after Genesis. However, the first promise of a Redeemer was only a few verses down, Genesis 3:15. Dr. Bob Linden led the next session on leadership. My favorite part was when Dr. Linden went though a list of people that overcame adversity and obstacles, and succeeded in the end, because they had the right attitude and mindset. I think this is particularly useful for us students as it teaches us that we have control over our attitudes and how we react to external factors is crucial in deciding the outcomes. I like the ‘final thought’ given by Dr. Linden, which is “base your attitude on who God is, not on your circumstances.”

After a short break, the following session was “Bio-Tech” with John Stonestreet. He talked about the current state of bio-ethics and challenged us to ponder whether some of the current codes of conduct in the bio-tech industry are right. Some of the subtopics were cloning, stem cell research, and abortion. I agree with Mr.Stonestreet, that harvesting embryonic stem cells is wrong at any level, because of the inevitable need for the killing of embryos – which are living beings – in its process. I think it’s true when he said that “the problem is the current culture does not know what a human being is,” which is part of why we Christians have to take a stand and fight for definitions. I think the promises of biotechnology are not as great as they seem to be, as it involves harmful side-effects, death of unborn children, and many more negative consequences.

We had quesadillas for lunch and I had the pleasure of engaging in meaningful conversation with a few students from Alaska. We talked about the sessions and discussed the ideas that were presented. I think one of the wonderful things about Summit is that you get to interact with people that came from all over the country and the world.

I particularly enjoyed the session with Dr. Mike Adams. He talked about the “cultural war” that is happening in campuses across the nation. Campus speech codes and campus speech zones that are currently in place inhibit freedom of speech in campuses. College administrators these days are against freedom of expression, especially Christian expression. One point brought up by Dr. Adams, which I thought was incredibly true, was to use the other side’s ideas against themselves, instead of engaging in demand for censorship. He gave several real life success stories, which inevitably created excitement among the Summit students; the room was filled with applause. I think the Biblical worldview will triumph over all the other worldviews if Christians are given equal opportunity to voice out the reasons for our beliefs and our disagreement on certain issues, which are based on the truths in the Bible. It’s been an awesome time here at Summit, I’ve learned so much. In fact, I feel like a sponge, trying to absorb as much knowledge and wisdom as I can. Two more days till graduation and off we go to the ‘outside world’, equipped with the ‘firepower’ needed to defend our faith, and to tell the world of His good news.

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