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May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17 (Session 1, Day 2)

Tuesday, May 17 (Session 1, Day 2)

I don’t quite know where to begin. Summit Ministries has, so far, been one of the coolest camps I’ve attended, and I have been to many.

The day started with a talk from Dr. David A. Noebel (Most people around here call him Doc). He gave us a list of reasons to study the Bible, many of which I had never thought about before. I was most interested in Doc’s point that we should study the Bible specifically because it is a piece of world literature and contains profound ideas. Ideas have consequences. Ideas rule the world. So even if you don’t believe in something, you should read about it to find out what it is, so that it isn’t too late when that idea rules the world.

I want to write about everything we learned, but realize that if you want to learn these things, you need to come to Summit. They wouldn’t fit in a blog!

Other speakers throughout the day were Dr. Jeff Myers, and Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. Jeff Myers spoke about Christian thinking and the Nuttings taught about Darwinism. The Nuttings were the most informed speakers on evolution and geology I have ever heard.

I feel that my small group is going to be extremely meaningful for me over the course of the next two weeks. The format is just what it should be for a conversation with four or five other guys to turn into a discussion about our broken state as individuals, and best of all the hope we have in Christ. I am coming to a better understanding of hope more and more every day here at Summit.

When I think backwards, I wonder how we crammed seven hours of lecture, three full meals, a trip to the park (complete with sports like “speed” volleyball), and hours of new friendships into one day. When I look forward, I'm excited for the days to come, and I thank God for the time He’s given me here.

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