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June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28 (Session 4, Day 3)

Tuesday, June 28 (Session 4, Day 3)

It’s Tuesday, the second day of the first week. Energy is still rather high and students are ready for another day of wise words from Doc, Dr. Adams, and Chuck Edwards. 180 high-energy college-aged students, what could get in our way? A stomach virus might do the trick.

On Tuesday here at the Summit, many of us have unfortunately been sick in bed with a stomach bug that’s going around. None of us like seeing our friends sick like this, but we all know that God remains in control and despite the sickness, it was a productive, educating, and exciting day. We started off with Bible Hour with Dr. Noebel. Doc stressed key reasons why it is important for us to study the Bible and how much of an impact it has had on this world while still keeping his sense of humor and bright spirit.

Next we heard from Dr. Mike Adams for the first time. This is my second time to the Summit so I heard from him many times last year, but I found myself catching things I never did last year. He first told his story and the involvement he’s had in free speech litigation. Dr. Adams is extremely passionate about standing up for our rights as citizens of this great country and our duty to defend the morals we as Christians hold. I found his lecture encouraging as a young man to not be a passive Christian by “turning the other cheek” in every situation but rather standing and fighting for what we believe while turning the other cheek in the face of insult. Dr. Adams also spoke about abortion today and he shared great strategies to use when talking to peers who hold pro-choice views. He stressed that the underlying issue at hand is whether the unborn are actually human beings and deserve rights or if we have the right to murder them for our own financial good or comfort.

Chuck Edwards spoke next about Secular Humanism and Biology. He pointed out that Secular Humanism is in fact a religion in itself and quoted a couple of important writers who themselves were Secular Humanists admitting that it is their religion. I found this idea very interesting and helpful in understanding the views that individuals on my college campus hold. Chuck’s lecture on Biology was especially interesting as I am majoring in microbiology and am extremely interesting in the subject. He showed us clear signs throughout nature of intelligent design that point to a purposeful designer.

This afternoon we enjoyed a day at the park during sports time. I personally played speed volleyball the entire time and I had fun meeting some new people while we enjoyed the game. As always, we got somewhat competitive but it was all for fun and it was great to be out in God’s creation together, despite the strong winds and slight rain.

This evening we heard from Doc again but this time he continued his previous lectures on worldviews. He shared some key verses with us such as John 1:1-3 and 2 Corinthians 104-5. The main points he got across are that ideas rule the world and bad ideas have bad consequences! As always, he shared the titles of some great books for us to read and the one that stuck out to me was “Life at the Bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple. The book shares Dalrymple many years of researching and interviewing the poor people in Europe. He found that the main cause behind people’s poverty was not due to financial problems but worldviews! Doc’s lectures continue to stress how incredibly important a biblical worldview is and that everyone has their own worldview.

We also had small groups tonight and we each had the opportunity to share our testimonies and our walk with the Lord with each other. I always love hearing how God has been at work in other people’s lives and it was encouraging to experience that with my brothers in Christ.

We’re off to bed for the night but we’re excited for a new day to continue growing and learning, by God’s grace. We continue to pray for those of us who aren’t feeling well but we march on in the knowledge that our God is greater, our God is stronger, and He’s always in control!

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  • June 30, 2011 // 07:02 am //  # 
    James Dorney's avatar James Dorney

    “He found that the main cause behind people‚Äôs poverty was not due to financial problems but worldviews!”

    that’s why? ouch

  • June 30, 2011 // 05:12 pm //  # 
    jim ingram's avatar jim ingram

    I talked with my daughter here at home about poverty and worldview. She didn’t agree. She just graduated from the University of Portland. She will be working with the Jesuit Volunteers in a homeless shelter in Oakland. During her time in Portland she worked with the poor.

    We had some interesting, spirited discussions over care of the poor.

    I’m interested to see what Dalrymple has to say about people mentally ill or physically handicapped.

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