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June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19 (Session 3, Day 3)

Today was an amazing day.  We started off with John Stonestreet speaking to us on different worldviews. Mr. Stonestreet is amazing at what he does. If you haven’t heard him, you need to hear him speak. He introduced the worldviews that vie for our hearts and minds in society today. He gave a very compelling and informational talk on why Christianity is the only one that’s true. After that we were introduced for the first time to Sean McDowell. Mr. McDowell is interesting, funny, and easy to listen to. Mr. McDowell started off his talk by pretending to be an atheist and having a mock discussion with the the students. He made us think about the reasons why we believe what we believe. He also helped us think through our answers as we attempted to disprove arguments that we would face against real atheists. 

After that we had the most awesome fried chicken and Cajun fries you could possibly imagine. If you’re thinking about coming to Summit and are not sure, you should at least come for the food! After lunch we had our afternoon session with Dr. Mike Adams. He is so fun to be around. He gave us practical answers to help us prove that abortion is wrong. 

Next we went out to a park, where we all participated in games like speed volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and basketball, to name a few. After said events we came back and got another really great dinner. Then some of us went out for an open forum on the porch given by Mr. Stonestreet while others took naps, or went into town, or just hung around the Summit. It was nice to relax a bit after a full day. After that we were led in worship by some of the staffers who did an excellent job. We ended the night with another session with Sean McDowell. He did a very good job giving clear-cut rebuttals to arguments against the truth of creationism. Then he opened it up for Q&A. Students asked questions about everything from micro-evolution to how do atheists justify their morals? So, all in all, I had super spectacular day, and it has been amazing and thrilling to get questions answered that I hadn’t even thought of. Learning so much already!

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