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June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14 (Session 3, Day 3)

Tuesday, June 14 (Session 3, Day 3)

What is faith, why is the Bible a book like no other? These were some of the many topics discussed from morning to evening right here on a slice of heaven I call The Summit!

Being my second time here I have been able to “take a sip from the fire hose,” and gather a little more knowledge from the amazing teachers Summit has found. Dr. Noebel is such a blessing to so many students that have come here and I am thankful that I have been able to learn from such a character. Tomorrow will be his last day teaching us future leaders, as he calls us, and I can’t help but feel sad that I perhaps will never have the honor of hearing him say “Minnisoto” ever again.

Summit, I have found, always makes me feel like I can take on the world. Psychology, history, economics, and many more fields I would have never taken a second look at start to look more and more appealing. I am even considering asking my parents, “ Is there a possibility that I could simply do all of them?”

My favorite part of the Summit apart from Dr. Noebels lecture’s is still the small groups. I have found the small groups here are like no small groups anywhere else. Not only is Summit a place to learn how to heal a broken world, but also a place to learn how to heal broken lives, from staffers who have gone through many of life’s challenges and have persevered.

I am preparing to enter college this fall, a place almost completely unknown to me, and I know that prospect would frighten some people. It frightened me, but Summit has helped me prepared my faith, body, spirit, and mind to not falter in the midst of the storm, to not sit back and do nothing while the world grows ever more in need of my help, and to not fear the unknown but embrace that my God will be there beside me through it all.

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