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July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31 (Session 5, Day 10)

Today began with a nice Colorado morning; the sun shown down on the porch while I took advantage of the warmth during my quiet time. After a fashion of time, I made my way to the second floor, where the “Summit food” is located. (There is no comparison to any other food, thus I say “Summit food.” Also, the head chef here is awesome! I always get the best food, even with all of my food allergies. They never treat me like a burden.)

Our speaker portion of the day began with Jon Stonestreet discussing several of the different worldviews and the specifics there within. For instance, how art can be a reflection of a person’s interpretation of reality. He also helped us understand and recognize postmodern and New Age thought. After break time, we heard from world-class speaker Mike Adams. We learned about examples of speech codes and how they are completely different when applied to a public school verses a private.

Lunch came and went, and it was soon time for the paintball crew to leave. While a light rain began to fall, the group loaded into a bus and headed to the course. The course itself is a rather tricky one, taking into consideration the loose gravel, rocks, and broken tree limbs littering the slopes. Upon arriving at the course, the group split up into two teams, and the games commenced. The first two games consisted of valley flag competition, where the flag is placed between the two teams, and the players may not go any higher on the course slopes than the referees (which is not very high!!!). The next games played were capture the flag (my favorite!) and complete course games (meaning that you could run around anywhere on the course, so long as you stayed on the property lines.) During the second game, I ran out of ammo and decided to at least help my team by climbing to the ridge and call out positions. After a while, I called out a position right in front of me, and I took fire from behind. Oops. Guess the glare off my mask looked a little too much like the opposing teams “white” tape. I hit the deck, and shots came from in front of me – too late for this duck. I took one shot to my triceps, one to my forearm, and one to my knuckles. I picked up my marker (gun) and declared myself “out.” I nearly tumbled head over heals to the valley floor, which someone mistook as coming after them. I took another shot, this one to my head, before glaring in their direction. The teams played a few more games before calling it quits and heading back to the hotel for dinner.

Tonight, Jeff Meyers spoke on the subject of dating/marriage/love. Excellent points of Biblical masculinity and femininity were expressed during the speech, and all of the students were especially attentive. The Q&A session following was full of very pertinent questions.

As for now, I am headed off to bed! Morning comes early… especially when you don’t want to worry about room checks! (P.s. Happy Birthday Jordon & Lena!)

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