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July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 27 (Session 5, Day 9)

Tuesday, July 27 (Session 5, Day 9)

Hello world, reporting here on worldview news! This is Kelsey, and I am excited to write my first blog! For those of you who don’t know, we have a special seating arrangement at Summit. Not only are we seated guy/girl (to make sure the guys shower), but we are also seated in order of age. The younger students are in the back of the classroom, and the older students are placed strategically in the front of the classroom. Well, I have the privilege of sitting in the front row as the oldest student here at Session 5 in between two crazy guys, Clayton and Owen! My story is a little different than some of the others here, for I have already graduated from college. Although I wish that I had attended Summit a few years ago so that I would have been more prepared for college, God has me here now for His sovereign purposes. Here is the account of this wonderful Tuesday at Summit.

My day began with a morning jog around Manitou with my roommate, Callie. We both agreed that it was quite refreshing, and it literally took my breath away (think: 6400 feet). The morning continued on with breakfast and class. Today we were introduced to Greg Koukl. He focused on two things: giving us tactics for talking with people now that we have been to Summit, and giving us the big picture. There has been an incredible amount of education that we have received during these last nine days, but if we only have content without being able to converse with others, our time has been wasted. The bridge that he offered to connect the content to the conversations is just a few tactics. What I took away from Greg is to listen and ask questions in order to gather information. Often we need to do pre-evangelism before we can even get to the gospel. We need to get people to think about why they believe what they believe.

The second point that Mr. Koukl made was that we need to understand the BIG picture. One way to look at worldviews is by considering puzzle pieces. Christians and non-Christians both may have some valid views of reality, but if the pieces of the puzzle are not carefully put together, there will be confusion on foundational issues. I could totally relate! I confess that I have holes in my worldview. It is not in perfect unity. I have the right ideas on some things, but my pieces in my puzzle are still a little disarrayed. I was reminded today that we must always remember the true story or narrative of life. Every worldview has a way to explain creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. However, the Christian worldview is the only one that holds true and has no holes. The narrative is this: God is the central player, man is the second player, Jesus is God-man who did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped and he came to save people from their sin, and we have the chance to be redeemed back to God by the transfer of Jesus’ righteousness to us. I want to cling to the Big Story because Christianity is a view of reality! I must have the pieces carefully put together.

We also had sports time today! I packed my backpack with a few books, postcards to send out to people, and my Summit notebook, having high intentions of spending some alone time reflecting. However, I was enticed to spend the whole time playing speed volleyball, one of my favorite activities. We played several rounds, and one of my favorite times was when my team was playing the Christmas team. They succeeded to play the whole time singing Christmas carols and having a jolly good time. They brought cheer to many others all around. Well, it’s time to head to bed. Summit has been quite transformational! Thanks for logging on. I’m signing out!

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  • July 27, 2011 // 12:58 pm //  # 
    Judy Owens's avatar Judy Owens

    Great comments, Kelsey.  I pray that our good Lord will help us to fit the pieces of the puzzle together carefully and that He may grant each of us His wisdom through the Holy Spirit living in each of us. May He guide us in our time spent with Him through reading the Bible and other valid sources, service to others, and our prayer time. I am glad that you had to take a front row seat. Have fun enjoying Colorado’s beautiful scenery and playing volleyball.

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