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July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19 (Session 5, Day 2)

Tuesday, July 19 (Session 5, Day 2)

After falling asleep last night to the peaceful combination of a cool breeze and jazz music coming in through the open windows, I woke up to possibly the greatest realization ever: coffee is actually a daily occurrence here at the Summit! Needless to say, my groggy morning haze soon dissipated once I filled up on pancakes, cantaloupe, and of course the elixir of life, coffee. I had a great quiet time on the porch of the Hotel, coffee in hand of course. I loved being in the presence of the Lord and His Word with the mountainous landscape right before me. In Louisiana, where I’m from, mountains are basically non-existent, so being in such a naturally majestic landscape is so beautiful and speaks so much of God’s own character and majesty. The rest of the morning consisted of classes with Mike Adams and Jeff Myers, and they were incredible. I can tell that they love to teach and they firmly believe in everything they are teaching. Even though we are sitting through lectures all morning, they are never boring or dull. The speakers are hilarious, engaging, intelligent, and experienced in their material. Hearing about Mike Adams’s experiences with the law suits was so intriguing, I almost felt like it could’ve been a movie. Also, learning about the arguments on abortion and direct rebuttals of those arguments was something I’d never learned before. I really appreciated how they not only gave us the material on debating abortion, but they also gave us applicable ways to intelligently engage in those conversations without our conversers becoming immediately defensive. So that was incredible to learn. The knowledge that the speakers have is so incredible.

After morning classes, lunch, and one lecture on Christian litigation, we took our class picture and it was so hot! But after our very hot class picture we hopped on the buses to go to Sports Time. I had never played the infamous “speed volleyball” so I had a blast playing that for the first time. The rest of my time was basically spent on blankets hanging out under the trees and having conversation. It’s almost overwhelming how many people there are here to meet, but I’ve learned that I only need to take it one person at a time. But the people I’ve met so far are all incredible. Especially the staff. Once we hopped back on the buses to go back to the hotel, the bus I was on actually broke down! We all had to pile onto the bus behind us, and it was the greatest thing ever. I guess with that little episode and the class picture, it’s probably the hottest I’ve ever been in Colorado. But don’t worry, there’s also no air conditioning in the building. We have box fans!

So it took a while to cool off from the day, but after enjoying dinner and our awesome box fans we had another worldview lecture with Dr. Noebel, and he is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. But also, like the other speakers, he’s informative, engaging, and brilliant. I’ve been suggested so many books and resources on a range of topics. I know I probably won’t be able to read them all, but I get so excited just knowing that I have reliable resources I can go to. Then we ended the day with one of my favorite ways of discipleship and accountability: small groups. My group is led by sweet and precious Tori and there are three others students with me. Tonight we shared testimonies and spiritual journeys, and we actually only had two people share tonight because we ran out of time. But I can’t wait to be able to share my story with people so they can also see what the Lord has done and praise Him for it. I loved hearing other people’s stories tonight, and I praise Him for how powerful and intentional He is in the lives of my sisters in Christ.

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