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September 01, 2011

Tuesday, August 30th (Session 8, Day 2)

Tuesday, August 30th (Session 8, Day 2)



            After an audacious morning run with a pack of Summit gentlemen to and through Red Rock (a very DIFFERENT experience at an altitude of 7000 feet), we returned to join everyone for a burrito breakfast.  *BTW the food was exquisite; thank you!  After polishing this off, we returned for heaping portion of apologetics and world view training.  Today’s course was full with a line-up that consisted of Dr. Noebel (Doc), Dr. Myers, Ted Baehr, and Rod Martin.  The day was special for a number of reasons, but particularly because it was Doc’s last session after serving Summit students 49 years.  He leaves Summit imparting two items: We ought to “understand the times in which we live; and we need to know what to do about it.” 

Dr. Myers lectured on Christian Anti-Intellectualism, and he attested that the emerging generation has become increasingly disengaged.  The 23-30 year old age group is dropping out of the church at a rate of 70%.  The cure has to be a Gospel-centered church that serves their generation.  One of the best ways to do this is by equipping ourselves with an understanding of the adversary.  Jesus understood everyone from the Pharisees to the Sadducees and therefor He could both withstand their verbal traps and sway public opinion.  When we seek to follow Jesus in this light, we are more intelligently following Him. 

Baehr and Martin spoke net.  Baehr is the Chairmen of the company MovieGuideAward, where he seeks to make a difference as a Christian in Hollywood.  He asserted Hollywood changes Christians, but if Christians just acted like Christians, then we could change entertainment industry.  He lastly urged, “Never compromise your beliefs.”  Martin, co-started of the internet company Pay-pal.  He spoke on the depravity, in regards to how society substitutes their beliefs for the creators.  We finished the afternoon with lunch.  *Thank you, again.  Sweet potato fries are my favorite!*

Soon thereafter we took buses over to the park to play sports.  We played everything from volleyball to the guitar and ultimate frisbee to football—and in the rain!  But what the experience even better was the multi-color rainbow at the rain’s end.  And God didn’t spare a color either.  It was probably the biggest, brightest, and boldest rainbow I’d ever seen.  It literally stretched from what appeared to be one end of the sky to the other.  This got me to thinking about our generation.  God is calling Christians of every culture and creed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.   Though sometimes things in the world look bleak, we, a Christ-empowered generation that is bigger, brighter, and bolder than ever are going to deliver it.

We wrapped up the evening with dinner, worship, a short lecture, and small group meetings.  Overall I found this day every bit an inspiring and fruitful day.  Summit has impacted me in more ways than just one, and I can’t wait to take this experience with me in my endeavors  the rest of this year and I’m sure throughout the course of my life.  I feel so very blessed to be a part of the incredible things God is doing at Summit.  This place is life-changing.  







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