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August 18, 2011

Tuesday, August 16 (Session 7, Day 2)

Tuesday, August 16 (Session 7, Day 2)

Since this is my second time at Summit, I definitely thought I knew what to expect this year: information-filled lectures, amazing new friends, stringent room checks, and epic foosball games.


I blogged last year about how Summit defied my expectations, and I find myself doing the same thing again this year. Of course, all the things I mentioned are present again this year, but I’ve found Summit to be totally different this year. How can the same camp change so radically in just a year?

Naturally, there’s not just one reason. First, Summit meets you where you are, and I’m further along in my understanding of Christianity this year than I was last year. It brings to mind the scene from C.S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian where Aslan explains to Lucy that he grows as she grows. Lecturers and staff challenge students to reach further than they have before, and that doesn’t allow for complacence - especially for alumni. I also have a better context to understand lectures with the background that I’ve gained since last year, and the worldview analysis experiences I’ve had since Summit give me new appreciation for the proverbial fire hose we drink from seven hours a day.

There’s also a new track for alumni with Chuck Edwards in which he challenges to use the knowledge we’ve accumulated. In our first meeting this morning he focused on rhetoric: effectively presenting the knowledge that we’ve learned. I’m definitely excited for more alumni track meetings later this week!

Many of the speakers are different, too. The famous (or infamous!) Mike Adams wasn’t at Session 8 last year, so this afternoon was my first time hearing him. He blew me away. From the beginning to the end of his lecture I was mentally engaged, taking notes as fast as I could write, and laughing hysterically at his quick, sarcastic wit. Different speakers? Amazing.

And there are always things I can’t possibly prepare for to smash my nice little plans. During a totally epic game of Ultimate Frisbee at sports time in the park this afternoon, I got in the way of a Frisbee being chucked for a long pass, stopping it about a yard from the release point. Great interception, right? Yeah. With my face. My mouth. My braces. Fortunately, I kept all my teeth and accompanying hardware except for one bracket, although I have a fat lip and my gums are still bleeding. It’s been great, though - everyone here is so amazingly awesome and caring that they understand when I awkwardly keep the swelling down by biting an ice-filled pillowcase. That’s Summit for you - injured and thrilled about the opportunity it presents to meet more people.

So alumni out there checking the blog and reminiscing? Come back. It’s not the same as the Summit you remember and love - it’s totally awesomer, and that’s not even a word. Prospective students? You’ll be stretched, reshaped, dumbfounded, informed, and inspired. Summit and spiritual growth go together like Mary and Mary’s little critter.

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