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August 14, 2012

Tuesday, August 14 (Session 6, Day 10)

Tuesday, August 14 (Session 6, Day 10)

The sun rose this morning on this quiet, historic hotel in Manitou Springs, CO. You would assume due to a more relaxed weekend of fun and adventure we would feel well rested and engaged. The opposite seems to have occurred.

Summit students were engaged this morning on the issues of evil and hope. Mr. Greg Flemming shared with us his own story, where through a financial crisis and the care of a friend God was able to work in him and through him. Reconciling the world, he would tell us, was about our perception. We must first recognize that God is good, along with truth and beauty, and further that there IS evil and suffering. The fall, in fact, has brought along evil and suffering! God created the world, the whole universe even, and said that it was good. Thus we can recognize from this alone that it is the direction of creation that is twisted, not the structure itself. Summit students where encouraged, then, to engage our culture and creation to change the world.

Today, we were also honored to hear from one of the leading Christian philosophers, Dr. J.P. Moreland. Dr. Moreland showed what it means to love God with the entirety of our minds. Highlighting that the central debate is not, in fact, over truth; it is instead a debate over knowledge. He launched into the three different types of knowledge. First, there is Knowledge by Acquaintance, or experiential knowledge. Secondly, there is Propositional Knowledge, or truth beliefs. Finally, there is Know-How Knowledge, or general wisdom. We saw through this discussion that Christianity requires the first, leading us to the latter two forms of knowledge. In his second set of lectures, Dr. Moreland delved into the area of a proof for God. By examining the worldview of Scientific Naturalism, Dr. Moreland ran a critique of its foundation as a worldview. He explained that the universe must have had a beginning, which shows us that there must be an uncaused cause. Because there must be an uncaused cause, that cause must be infinite. Because the uncaused cause created everything, it follows that this being created space, time, and moral law. For this to be philosophically possible, this uncaused cause must be spaceless, timeless, and be an absolute moral law-giver. This would be the God of Christianity, residing outside of this universe where He can embody all of these qualities.

Don’t for a moment believe that Summit is all about lectures and filling our heads with this fantastic knowledge. We work hard so that we can play hard!! For hours today, students, slept, shopped, drank delicious mate (an earthy tea with different flavors), shot at each other with paintball guns, and some even ventured out of town to the beautiful Graffiti Falls. What a beautiful day to enjoy God’s creation with friends.

We spent the evening with Dr. Myers, discussing marriage and family, the creation account and how the fall has damaged both marriage and family. The breakdown in marriage has lead to sexual promiscuity, infidelity, pornography, and even issues like child trafficking in our world today. God’s plan for his people was for us to be fruitful and multiply, and to fill the earth, but man has not been faithful. War has been declared on the family and it is our job to combat this.

Today has been a day of stretching, and learning, fellowship and bonding, and ultimately, a day to remember. Thank you Summit, for this opportunity.

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