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May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 31 (Session 1, Day 11)

Thursday, May 31 (Session 1, Day 11)


Today was a good day here at the Summit. The breakfast was amazing as usual, thanks to our wonderful kitchen staff. I so enjoy eating in fellowship with other believers! Tomorrow is my graduation from the Summit. In some ways, I am sad, because I have made so many Christian friends here and do not want to leave them. However, graduation also fills me with excitement, because when I go home, I will be able to look at things in a new way with an enhanced Christian worldview.

This morning we heard from Dr. Fleming about the problem of evil and sin in the world. He said that faith does not prevent difficulties, but rather gives us strength to go through them; we just have to cling to God. I can relate to this from my because when I was 6, my uncle died in a car crash. It was a very precise car crash, in that if he had been hit in a slightly different spot, he would have survived. Dr. Fleming quoted, “If a person is worth loving, they are worth grieving over.” It is acceptable and right to feel sad about that person and ask God questions. Personally, even a couple weeks ago, our family was driving to church and the song came on that was sung at my uncle’s funeral. Needless to say, we all cried. His death was twelve years ago, but it is still okay for us to mourn.

The next lectures were from a man named Casey Luskin. He spoke on Intelligent Design and compared it to Darwinian Evolution. This theory basically says that since there are so many complexities in nature, random mutations could not have formed all the beautiful, complicated creations that we see. There must be a Designer. Complicated information only comes from intelligent sources. I have heard many of the arguments before, but it was good to be reminded again.

This afternoon, we went to Bear Creek Park and played all kinds of sports. I played speed volleyball practically the whole time! I cannot tell you just how much I love sports, and in particular, volleyball. We had a picnic dinner there, then came back for the evening session.

Finally, Dr. Myers spoke to us on practical ways to take what we have learned here at Summit home and apply it to our lives. We sang in worship to the Lord and heard testimonies from a couple of the staff about how the Lord has changed their lives. After singing the final song, several of the students came forward to receive Christ! It was incredible. I am so happy for them. Summit has been a wonderful experience, and one that I will remember forever. It has accomplished great things for the Kingdom of God in my life, and has prepared me to go and impact the world for the Kingdom of God. Praise Jesus’ name! 


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  • June 04, 2012 // 08:41 pm //  # 
    Sheri English's avatar Sheri English

    Great blog! We are so glad you had the opportunity to go and look forward to seeing God work in your life!  He has great things planned for you. Much love, Mom

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