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May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26 (Session 1, Day 11)

Thursday, May 26 (Session 1, Day 11)

Wow! Today has been incredible, but at the same time, it has been rather sad, since it has been the last “real” day of Session One. By the last “real” day, I mean that this has been the very last day of the session with the schedule we have grown accustomed to. Let’s get down to all the details of the day:

6:45 AM—my roommates wake up, and start getting the room ready for the room inspection. I make a few quick mental calculations and determine that I can forgo a morning shower in order to get a few extra minutes of pseudo-sleep.

7:00 AM—Ethan, one of the Nightwatch team, runs through the hall, striking a triangle and shouting “Bring out your dead!” I decide to sleep for an extra ten minutes, then finally jump off the bed, make it, and throw some clothes on.

7:15 AM—I go up to the dining room to eat. Breakfast items include French toast, hardboiled eggs, and cereal. I find the table my roommates are already sitting at, and we listen as another table’s occupants are serenaded by staffers Steven and Brandon, who play a variety of interesting songs.

8:15 AM—We start the lecture day off in the usual manner, with pledges and singing “Amazing Grace,” and Dr. Jeff Meyer’s final lecture with us starts. The title is “Discovering Your Calling,” and this is just what he talks about. There are some interesting and profound points that I don’t have time to explain.

9:15 AM—After a short stand-up break (during which I took a nap at my desk instead), We start listening to Dr. Frank Beckwith’s lecture on relativism, which is so great that he has to spend an extra ten minutes on the issue…

10:10 AM—I listen to the announcements. The college credit exam review has been rescheduled to be held during lunch time, which is the same time a question-and-answer session with Dr. Beckwith is scheduled. Too bad. We have a break until 10:25, so I check on the status of my room and find that it passed the room inspection. Afterward, I lie on my bed and take a nap.

10:25 AM—Dr. Beckwith’s next lecture starts. Its main focus is the question “How can people be moral without God?”

11:15 AM—Another quick stand-up (read “desk-nap”) break. Then we get into Dr. Beckwith’s lecture, which is titled “Five Arguments for the Existence of God.” This lecture keeps my mind so busy as I try to keep up with the logic that I have no problem at all staying awake. Just to give an overview (since you are dying to know), the titles of these 5 arguments are as follows: “Moral Argument,” “Argument from Reason,” “The Kalam Cosmological Argument,” “The Argument from Mind,” and “An Argument from Efficient Casualty.” Very interesting.

12:00 noon—It is time for lunch, but I wait in the conference room for the college credit exam review session. After ten minutes, I find out the session has been rescheduled to take up part of the afternoon’s sports time instead of lunch time. Relieved, I go up to the dining room and put a few pieces of casserole, some tortilla chips, and some salad on my tray. I head outside to the picnic tables under the pergola, where Dr. Beckwith is answering questions. Midway through, I take a trip back to the dining room to refill my tray, and I stop on the way to observe a water balloon incident that is in progress down in “The Well,” a central courtyard-type area.

1:15 PM—We are now back in the classroom, listening to Mr. Eric Smith teach the Bible Hour. We learn about the focus of the initial chapters of the New Testament.

2:30 PM—Almost everyone leaves for sports time, and I take my notebook into the classroom to review for the test tomorrow. We discuss the lectures of the past two weeks, focusing on concepts that might apply to the test.

3:30 PM—The review session behind me, I visit my room, change, and go outside to the van that Aaron will drive to sports time. Once we are at Bear Creek Park, I join a game of speed volleyball.

5:00 PM—I walk up to the park pavilion and eat a hamburger, washing the hamburger down with some root beer over ice. As I eat, I talk with some of the guys who are in my small group. After I discard my trash in the pavilion’s bear-proof trash container, I find my small-group leader and recite Philippians 2:5-8, which is my final qualification requirement for the excellence program.

8:00 PM—Praise and worship starts, and then students and staff share their testimonials. We finally finish up at 10:51, and are told that bedtime is extended from 11:00 to 11:15.

12:17 AM and beyond—I am planning to finish writing the blog, go to my room, and study for the exam tomorrow at 1:00 PM. I will need to review two weeks’ worth of lecture notes and look up some verse references to be familiar with them, since it was mentioned that some of them might be helpful on the one-hour, 100-question test tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun… And then a little sleep tonight might help before I wake up at around 6:30 again for another full day at the Summit…

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