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May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19 (Session 1, Day 4)

Thursday, May 19 (Session 1, Day 4)

I started the day with a brisk run in the Colorado mist. I then enjoyed a hearty breakfast followed by carefully cleaning my room with my roommates to impress the staffers who check our rooms daily. I soon rushed to the lecture hall to hear the first speaker of the day, Eric Smith. He spoke on ‘What is the Bible?’ and shared with us how the Bible is a relevant and solid source for those who trust in it. It was interesting to learn that one should read the Bible as a book written from within multiple cultures. Instead of just reading the Bible as a current-day book, I began to see how an understanding of the society of the biblical time period and the purpose of the Bible’s content ought to be considered. It stuck out to me how in the society of Bible times, communities guarded ideas because the simple lifestyles of civilians kept them closely connected in society.

Following the first lecture, I listened to Dr. Mike Adams who discussed abortion. I was encouraged to see the potential to influence the pro-choicers in the secular world concerning abortion by proving the truth that a fetus is in fact a living being. Once you can convince those who are pro-choice on this point, it is likely to win your argument in support of allowing the baby to be born. The fact that the fetus has a separate DNA code from its mother and that there is a detectable heart beat at four weeks supports the claim of a living fetus. Following this amazing seminar, all the students watched The Mystery of Life’s Origin which sought to prove that creation requires belief in a Creator. Having an interest in science myself, I was amazed how the delicate structure of a bacterium’s flagellum proves to all mankind, whether Christian or atheist, the existence of a divine and sovereign Creator. This reminded me that no matter what one believes, the reality of the order of creation remains, and it serves as a foundation for rightly understanding the world in the lenses of God’s authoritative Word.

Following this interesting film, I went to lunch and enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich and soup as it was chilly outside. Later, before everyone headed outside to play sports, the students listened to one last message by Dr. Adams called “Afflicting the Comfortable: the Case Against Campus Speech Codes”. Personally I never realized how severe the treatment of women has been on college campuses due to speech codes. Dr. Adams’s message opened me to seeing that standing against these some of these harmful speech codes can bring change and a Christian influence to college settings. After this eye-opening speech, I joined everyone in playing sports in fields nearby.

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