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June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21 (Session 3, Day 5)

7 billion people.  Millions of questions.  Billions of answers.  We live in an age where the click of a button can access us to more knowledge than the race of man has ever known.  However, with knowledge and communication come ideas.  Ideas that shape and destroy people, societies, and even nations.

Here at Summit 2012 Session 3 we have been analyzing the many ideas that society constantly bombards us with.  Today, with Sean McDowell, we continued to dissect the theory of Evolution.  We looked at the logical ends of Darwinian thought, the basis and scientific backing for Intelligent Design, and even the transition of Darwin’s Theory from a “theory” to an ideology.  Furthermore, Ryan Dobson stressed to us the importance of trusting God in our daily lives and the need to communicate everything we learn at Summit in love.  Extremely inspirational, the speakers were knowledgable in their topics and very engaging.

Earlier this morning I hiked a mountain with my friends David, JoAnn, and Hannah.  When we arrived at the top of the mountain I scanned the vast horizon and the valley below.  The mountains stood about us and in the valley lay the buildings of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs where we had been only a short while before.  After arriving back at the Summit camp at the base of the mountain an analogy came to me.

It was the realization that at times God grants us understanding about Himself, the realization of a biblical truth, or the ability to see something others can’t see.  It was the same with the mountain.  I had been able to see things that others in the valley could not see.  However, if I went back to the valley below and didn’t tell anyone else about my experience I would only benefit myself.  There is a little under a week and a half left of Summit but God has already shown me so much.  I believe it is imperative that I take what I have learned here at Summit and go and share it with others. It does no good to climb a mountain if you don’t remember the view you had from its summit.

I have hear there are two types of regret.  Regret of action and regret of inaction.  A regret of action is “wishing you hadn’t done something.”  Regret of inaction is “wishing you had done something.”  I pray God gives me the strength to go home and apply what I have learned.  To be able to communicate effectively in love with those around me and make an impact on the world.  Summit has showed me a need for a course of action.  I pray I never have regret of inaction for not acting upon what I saw and learned at the Summit.

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