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July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28 (Session 5, Day 11)

Thursday, July 28 (Session 5, Day 11)

First of all, this is the second session that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to experience here at Summit. Returning as an alumnus this year, I’ve been able to know what to expect and drink up even more knowledge out of the fire hydrant that is two weeks at Summit. To anyone who does have an opportunity to return for a second session here, I would encourage you to do it!

Anyway, my day started out at 7:00 with the epic chorus of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” being blasted throughout the Hotel. After spending 20 minutes attempting to roll out of bed and gain consciousness, I dragged my sleep-deprived self to another delicious breakfast.

Now properly stocked up on food and caffeine, everyone settled in for our first lecture of the day. Eric Smith presented us with our final Bible Hour of the session in which we learned to apply the knowledge we’ve gained during all of other Bible Hours in relation to the overarching story of the Bible.

After a short break we had met our speaker of the day, Sean McDowell (who was rocking a fauxhawk I might add!). In his first two lectures, Mr. McDowell played the role of Devil’s advocate as an atheist and then showing us how to respond with kindness and tact, instead of getting defensive and angry. His final lecture was on the tough topic of pornography, its affect the brain and what that does to the people around us.

Lunch break was completely engulfed in a deep conversation on the merits of different salad dressings and the best things for dipping onto them. A conversation that eventually transitioned into sharing testimonies and talking about what God has been doing in our lives over the past year. The final lecture of the day was by a Summit alumna, Representative Jenna Haggar of South Dakota. She presented us with her story of how Summit impacted her in her choice to become involved in politics, and encouraged us to apply what we’ve learned into our lives.

The afternoon was filled with speed volleyball, attempted back flips, and Chik-fil-a (what my group won at the staff auction!) Unfortunately it was cut short by a rain of Noah’s Ark proportions, so all two-hundred-plus students and staff huddled up under the shelters for the cook-out. Due to the epic amount of water continuously pouring out of the sky, the mad sprint to the bus was actually an equivalent to wading through a river.

The evening was filled with a mix of worship, testimonies, and one the more special moments of the session when all the students got an opportunity to thank the staff with multiple standing ovations. It was amazing to go from worshiping God, and then hearing how God works in the lives of people.

And now finally I’m sitting in the lobby writing this blog and watching the staff play “five-year-old chess,” so that’s just a glimpse of what you can experience here at Summit!

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  • July 29, 2011 // 09:13 am //  # 
    Martha Clark's avatar Martha Clark

    Way to go guys… Thanks for sharing the male perspective on summit.

  • August 06, 2011 // 03:20 am //  # 
    Laura Kenkel's avatar Laura Kenkel

    Christopher - what an awesome write-up of a day at Summit!  Sounds like a wonderful experience that you fully took advantage of.  I love your style of writing (all that book reading has paid off into becoming a good writer!)!  Thanks for sharing!  love ya

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