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July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 22 (Session 5, Day 4)

Thursday, July 22 (Session 5, Day 4)

They say it’s like drinking out of a fire hydrant. I would agree with that statement. I consider myself to be a slightly bright individual, but in the shadow of brilliant communicators and literary genii that I’ve experienced here at the Summit, I feel…dumb. (Although Dr. Jeff Myers claims it’s not a bad thing to feel dumb. It’s better to feel dumb than to avoid asking questions and end up doing something stupid.)

Provided here at the Summit is the opportunity to wake insanely early and go running. You can run along the sidewalks in Manitou and meet the early-rising hippies strumming six-strings. This morning, I went on a run with my roommate. After about five minutes, I decided to fess up to the giant non-runner that I am. Did I mention that I am from Kansas? Yeah, it’s flat there. As in no mountains. Zero altitude.

I did recover, in case you were wondering, and I’ve decided not to go on another run. Just one of the things I’ve learned here at the Summit. Another thing I learned is that I need to read a great deal more. Dr. Noebel, along with Dr. Myers, have provided me with a reading list that will keep me occupied until I am approximately 45. Good thing I like to read.

Although the learning style here at the Summit is something like, “Ireallyhopeyou’relisteningbecauseIwillnottakeabreath,butthisisveryinterstingandimportantinformation…”, I have been able to take pages and pages of notes, what the student sitting on my left refers to as “a book.”

Not sure about you, but I get excited when other people are excited. As in, genuinely excited about something they believe in. I saw so much genuine excitement during Mike Adams’s lecture today… I don’t even know what to say: he is awesome.

Just F.Y.I.: having your necklace drop into your soup at lunch is indeed a good conversation starter. This is another thing I’ve realized at Summit. You learn things outside of the classroom, no matter what. The people are amazing, and every day there is a chance to meet someone new. People are genuinely nice. Even if they meet you fishing your necklace out of your soup at lunch.

I love to talk, to having down-time at the park today was great. I had a chance to meet a couple new people, and to have some really interesting conversations with people I already knew. The Summit is already preparing me for college, in that I’ll meet people every day, and I must be able to not only understand my beliefs, but explain them. (So, stop writing notes in lecture and start listening.) It’s good stuff.

Besides being utterly tired, I am extremely content. This is a good type of tired. It’s good knowing that I have been filled with a semester’s worth of information in about three days. It’s a good type of mental pain.

If you’re coming to Summit, then you’d better come prepared to learn, prepared to be shocked, and prepared to not want to leave. Summit is indeed living up to the expectations I had for it.

The learning is hardcore. It’s like college on steroids. And, if you’re the type of person who likes drinking out of fire hydrants, this is more than the place for you.

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  • July 22, 2011 // 04:15 pm //  # 
    Dawn Kristine Willcox's avatar Dawn Kristine Willcox

    My dear daughter,
    It was extremely good to see your face and to read your words. I am PRAYING for your heart, mind, and spirit all throughout the day. Your soul, bought at a dear price, is very precious to me. I know that the nourishment that your entire being is receiving now, is of the utmost importance. It is well, that you are gaining wisdom along side of knowledge. I love you and miss you. MOM

  • July 22, 2011 // 04:31 pm //  # 
    Zeke Willcox's avatar Zeke Willcox

    Hey Liza!

      That was an excellently written blog. I’m so proud of you! I hope that God blesses the rest of your time at Summit. I love you!


  • July 24, 2011 // 06:13 pm //  # 
    Christin G's avatar Christin G

    It sounds like you are having a blast, I wish I were there with you! This was an amazing post by the way! smile

  • July 25, 2011 // 08:08 am //  # 
    Esther Egli's avatar Esther Egli

    It was so fun to be reading through the blog and see your face! I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time at a wonderful place…praying you learn tons!

  • July 26, 2011 // 06:00 am //  # 
    Sheryl Hoyle's avatar Sheryl Hoyle

    What a blessing you are receiving.  Praying God continues to open your eyes to His truth and prepares the way for you to go.  As I read your blog I see that part of your Gran followed you to Summit!  Better the necklace than something else! Can’t wait to hear more when you return. Praying daily for you.

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