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July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20 (Session 5, Day 3)

Wednesday, July 20 (Session 5, Day 3)

Today I heard the controversial words that no one else was brave enough to say to me before. The things that the modern world “DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW.” For example, my morning began with finding out that black slavery was started by African chieftains! Well, actually my morning started by hiding under the covers as the Star Wars theme song blasted from speakers, and I was dragged out of bed to contemplate our world’s ideas before my daily caffeine dose. But it was worth it. Dr. Noebel spoke about the generation of Secular Humanists that are overtaking the United States, and how our traditional values have been flipped upside down and thrown out the window. We talked about what is now “In” and what is “Out”. Marriage has been replaced with homosexuality. A socialist view is now commonly accepted, with many becoming lazy, and relying on welfare. Americans are in fear of speaking what they believe so that they don’t offend any group (even if they disagree!). As our speakers Dr. Noebel and Mike Adams say, “That tickied me off!”

Summit knows that high school and college students can’t stand to sit still for more than two hours, so next we had a three minute break! It sounds like a short amount, but we needed it. Students finally lay their head on their desks for a quick power nap or turn towards their neighbor that they’ve been dying to talk to. I spent my time swiftly racing downstairs to fill up my much-needed water bottle (the altitude and humidity really get to you!).

After our break, Chuck Edwards took the stage discussing the positive side of free enterprise markets. I loved it. Glued to the stage, and completely enthralled, I realized that the more he said the word “communism,” the more I wanted to help. America is crumbling right in front of us, and it’s up to our young Christian generation to change that. The government has been purposely blinding us to the facts. At Summit, they tell the real story, even if it’s considered politically incorrect.

For lunch I decided to sign out and walk down to the town with friends to catch a bite to eat, and I was totally craving a smoothie. At 1:15, we returned to listen to University of North Carolina at Wilmington professor and columnist Mike Adams speak about the college campus speech codes that were deemed un-Constitutional, but are still seen all around the USA.  You could see his passion as he followed the journey of a former student fighting to through law to change those speech codes. She was called terrible names, and humiliated, but she kept going because she knew that God was on her side, even though it seemed like everyone else wasn’t. I left the classroom inspired and motivated, finally realizing that I will never be alone if I only trust Him.

The two o’clock Bible Exam was harder than I ever imagined, so I took my time on each answer, and spent most of the afternoon filling tiny bubbles for the test’s Scantron. After all that brain power was used up, I plopped on my bed and used my free time as sleeping time. Then dinner was amazing, with a Greek feta, spinach, and tomato salad on the side, as well as the yummy avocado chicken.

Around 7:00, I sat down in my desk preparing for another lecture. It was Jeff Myers’s turn to talk. When we were created in the womb by Christ, He chooses a special gift for all of us. Mine happened to be writing. Mr. Myers gave examples that made the whole room burst in laughter, but also made us really think. Why did God place us in the home and nation that He did? What blessings or difficult life experiences have shaped who we are now? Young adults are becoming the laziest generation we’ve seen yet, and we need to get off our seats and work to get where we want to go.

To finish the night, we watched a documentary called, “Agenda” featuring experts on how communism is slowly creeping into America. The old communist goals of the 1930’s were all here in the 2011 United States. A revolution is coming. Yes, it is a scary thought. How can we prevent the atrocities of the past from happening in the future? Bring back the religion that the Left has been trying to eliminate. So now I crawl into bed, with all these ideas in my head. As Dr. Noebel always reminds us, “Ideas have consequences.”

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