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August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25 (Session 7, Day 11)

Thursday, August 25 (Session 7, Day 11)

At the beginning of our time here at Summit Session 7, Eric Smith joked that at Summit it is sometimes the way it is with God - a day is like a thousand years. It certainly seems that way - so much learning, encouragement, and just plain fun is squeezed into every day!

Our first session of the day was Bible Hour with Eric Smith, where he taught us another helpful Bible study tip: “Read the Bible in light of its major themes. Use the major themes to help you understand the minor themes.” He pointed out that most Christians spend much of their Bible time in the New Testament, although the New Testament is built on the foundation of the Old Testament. After Bible Hour, we enjoyed two lectures from Chuck Edwards: “Economics 101” and “Comparing Islam and Christianity.” Mr. Edwards informed us that a free market economic system is more compatible with Christianity than socialism; Jesus told His disciples, not the government, to help the poor. Socialism simply doesn’t work from a practical perspective. Karl Marx applied the wrong assumptions of human nature to his view of economics, reaching the dangerous conclusion of Marxism. I am so glad that we are able to learn about these dangerous ideologies that are creeping into American thought and life. Even if all the world’s problems sometimes seem scary and depressing, the only way we can do anything is to be prepared to defend the faith against the false philosophies the world espouses.

Right before lunch we were privileged to hear one of my favorite Summit lectures by one of my favorite Summit speakers. Listening to Dr. Jeff Myers is a treat - his quotable points and humorous stories keep every student’s mind engaged and excited to be learning. Sled dogs, Dr. Myers told us from his personal experience, are convinced that their purpose in life is to be sled dogs and they could not be more excited to be doing what they were made to do. Because of their enthusiastic dedication, their master has only to whisper and they follow his commands. Although many people tell our generation to “follow our passions,” we should follow our redeemed passions - the passions God has planted in us that are motivated out of love for Him. If we know what God has created us to do, we can hear His whispers to guide us on our way.

This afternoon it was time for sports and a cookout at the park! What could be better than sports time with two hundred friends? While I am a self-proclaimed volleyball novice, I braved the court again with a very patient and supportive team. I even got the ball over the net once or twice. It is really bad when those on a different team cheer for you as the ball comes your way! But that’s what is so incredible about Summit - everyone around you is ready to support and encourage you whether you are struggling with volleyball or a deep spiritual or theological issue.

When we returned to the hotel, we were blessed with a wonderful worship time and some amazing testimonies from Summit staff members and students. It was encouraging to hear all their stories as they shared how God’s faithfulness and steadfastness has been proven in their lives.

It is hard to believe how the time has flown here at Summit. For the first couple of days, it seemed like we still had a long time to go and a lot to cover (which was exciting!). As Mr. Smith said, some of the days did seem like they were years long. All of a sudden, however, it is nearly over. We have all learned so much! I have been stretched in many ways these last two weeks. I have so many ideas, thoughts, and memorable quotes swimming around in my mind that I know I will have brain food to digest for months to come. As the end of my time at Summit draws near, I know that I have gained some fantastic friends. Even if I never see them again, we have forged close bonds as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. May God start a work in each of us here that continues for the rest of our lives.

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  • August 28, 2011 // 10:55 am //  # 
    Kate's avatar Kate

    God bless you Lauren; it is young people like you that give us so much hope for the future.  Keep trusting the Lord for direction.  You are definitely in our prayers.  May God continue to empower you, as you step out for Him and encourage others.

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