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August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23 (Session 7, Day 5)

It’s day four of Summit and its been a wild ride. Whether meeting new people, singing Call Me Maybe in the showers at the top of my lungs, Wolfpacking it up, or freestyle rapping for a group of peers and staff, my experience has been beyond amazing. Our group of 70 students has become a family as we’ve grown together in fellowship and community. Unfortunately, on Tuesday I took a major, full-contact hit diving for a frisbee playing Ultimate. As a result, my day has been full of extreme pain and the complete uselessness of my right leg. However, I would lose my leg before leaving this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With that being said, welcome to the Cripple’s Corner.

Heading into Summit I was not exactly ecstatic about spending two weeks of my quickly ending summer in Colorado just because my parents wanted to “prepare me for college”. Regardless, I threw myself into Summit and was blown away by the return I have received. I have been intensely challenged spiritually and intellectually on many levels. The speakers here have helped refresh and reinforce my knowledge and personal application. Furthermore, the deep conversations and tears I’ve shared with my two roommates (who have become like brothers to me) I would not trade for anything.

At Summit I’ve learned is a lot about myself. I grew up surrounded by rejection; I was the skinny nerd with glasses that always got picked on, pushed around, and treated like he was worthless by everyone in his life. It made me very focused and disciplined since I was the only one who believed in myself. However, I also developed many insecurities and self-esteem issues and cut off everyone to try and numb the pain and hurt. Even after having a physical transformation as a freshman in high school, I was so broken and lost. Luckily, God has used my brokenness and suffering to reach others in ways I could have never imagined. He has transformed me into someone who has a heart to serve, is confident in who he is, and keeps things on the 100 and straight up. While working at a secular summer camp back home in Long Beach, California or talking to my non-Christian friends, I have been able to deeply impact countless.

Summit has helped me become more aware of the gifts God has blessed me with, which in turn has allowed me to be more confident in my abilities and utilize them more full for God’s purpose. Summit has challenged me to keep pushing harder rather than be content with where I am currently at in my relationship and knowledge of Christ. The staff on Summit have been absolutely amazing, hospitably inviting me in to join their family like I’ve always been part of it; there are very few people in my life that have ever demonstrated such levels of acceptance and approval toward me and it overwhelms me to see the love of God first hand. Like I said, it’s only day four and already my mind has been blown several times. This camp has not only shown me all that I should be confident in, but what I can continue to grow in.

I’d like to apologize to anyone who has reached this point, because it means you had to endure reading the rest of this atrocious blog entry. I can admit without a problem that I am a horrible writer; I stick to rap and draw the line there. However, I do want to clearly communicate how amazing Summit is. My passion for Christ has been refreshed and the relationships I have created are so real. I could go on and on, but it’s something you have to experience for yourself to get the full affect. Thank you for reading. 

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  • August 24, 2012 // 07:12 am //  # 
    Sue Brown's avatar Sue Brown

    Head up—you write better than you think you do.  Your entry is vivid, entertaining, personal, and honest.  Our family enjoyed hearing about your adventures.  Hope you heal up quickly (bet your family loved reading about that injury! grin ).  Thanks for sharing!

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