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August 20, 2011

Thursday, August 18 (Session 7, Day 4)

Thursday, August 18 (Session 7, Day 4)

As the day began I was trying to decide between two different feelings. I was alternating between “Is it Thursday already?” and “It’s finally Thursday!” In some senses, the week has gone very quickly, but in other senses it feels like months. We’ve had some amazing speakers so far. Dr. Noebel is gone now, but while he was here he gave us some amazing teaching. I found what he had to say fascinating, partially because of his topics but mostly because of his presentation. He covered a wide range of material in such an engaging way that I’m likely to remember most of it. He hasn’t been the only speaker I learned a lot from though, which brings me to today.

Today’s teaching was primarily from Dr. Mike Adams and Dr. Frank Turek. I was excited about today for essentially two reasons. First, I’d already heard Dr. Adams and thought he was a great speaker. Secondly, Dr. Turek was speaking on same sex marriage, something I’ve had on my mind quite a bit in recent months due to my concern for a friend. We had Dr. Turek first, and he was both remarkably informative and very engaging. I feel that I learned more about same sex marriage and homosexuality in general in those two hours than ever before. He followed these talks up with the light-hearted topic of hell. That was fascinating, because he gave us every objection a Christian could hear about hell, followed by the best responses to them. Such talks are the best for me because I feel so much more equipped when someone tells me what I’m fighting against and how to beat it.

Dr. Adams is hysterically funny. This combined with the amount of information he manages to pass on makes him an amazing speaker. On Tuesday he spoke to us about abortion, giving us arguments and responses in a very similar manner to Dr. Turek’s hell talk. Because of this earlier lecture, I was eagerly looking forward to his teaching today. He focused primarily on the rights Christians have on a college campus, and how to deal with it when those rights are threatened. He told us numerous stories about his work with the Alliance Defense Fund to overturn unconstitutional rules at colleges. I found this incredibly interesting, partially because law itself is such a fascinating topic, but also because I love hearing about how fellow Christians are standing up for our rights. Dr. Adams also addressed common Christian objections to litigation, which had never occurred to me before. Now I understand the reasons some Christians are against suing, and I can identify with what they believe, even though I don’t necessarily agree. It was interesting food for thought leading into the afternoon time.

Not all of Summit is made up of the sessions, and today was a sports day. So after our fascinating morning we headed out to the buses (mine was stuck in the parking lot for what felt like forever but was probably about 15 or 20 minutes) and drove to a nearby park, which has huge fields. I believe I tore a muscle a few days ago, so I’m giving myself a few days before I try running around. This gave me the opportunity to sit with some other students and talk for awhile. I brought my knitting, which (not surprisingly) I’ve hardly had a chance to work on. I even talked to one of my best friends on the phone for a few minutes. One of the good friends I’ve made here at Summit so far is from Alaska, which is where I call home. Not surprisingly, we were both feeling oppressed by the 93 degree heat! I’m hoping to play a sport on Saturday, and a cooler day would be lovely.

At the end of the day we had worship, a final session, and small groups. Tomorrow we’ll get up (some at an hour that should be illegal), eat breakfast, and start a new day of sessions. Everyday I’m learning something new and something that makes me stronger as a Christian. I’ve only been at Summit for 4 days (or is it months?), but I’ve already learned so much. I hope this knowledge is something that I’ll keep with me forever.

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  • August 21, 2011 // 07:27 pm //  # 
    Gma DeGroff's avatar Gma DeGroff

    you are very good at painting pictures with words…  I LOVE hearing about what your learning.

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