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August 16, 2012

Thursday, August 16 (Session 6, Day 12)

Thursday, August 16 (Session 6, Day 12)

I had not even taken a bite of my breakfast when my thoughts were channeled for the day. Instead of the usual meal in the dining hall, the girls were invited to eat by the pool as a panel of ladies staff answered questions we had about femininity. The questions were typical, the answers a bit more creative, but I quickly became engaged when the question of singleness was addressed. Although I am single, it was not the question of what one should do while single that caught my interest, but rather the response. One woman stated that since singleness is not permanent, the opportunities it brings are also temporary, so they should be embraced. The nodding of the other women on the panel affirmed my belief that her statement was profound, but the idea of embracing all stages in life did not truly penetrate until I reflected upon what I had learned today.

Dr. Del Tackett began the first class with an exciting slideshow of his rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon. He then proceeded to speak about the meaning of the Hebrew word: shalom. Generally, shalom’s translation is accepted as peace, but he stated that it means much more and is better defined as completeness and harmony. God desires his children to flourish physically, spiritually, and vocationally through shalom.

Later we had a chance to connect with our fellow students through lunch and free time. For my free time I chose to go to, as my Spanish-speaking roommate says, “The Little Town” of Manitou. It was great to talk and experience nature with people from all over the country and hear their perspectives on Summit and life in general.

The next seminar given by John Stonestreet talked about how leadership is not always through positions in the Christian church, and that fulfillment can be found by representing God in other industries. He also suggested one should evaluate his or her values (loves, longings, loyalties, labors, and liturgies) to refine them so God can better use him or her and become a better human being.

Upon reflection of the seminars, of my own life and my observations of others, I can see the differences in our relationship with life. I realize that each stage in life brings unique opportunities for actions and relationships, but also that the stages are not permanent and should therefore be embraced. Life can bring us different roles, relationships, and actions creating opportunities that may never come again. John 10:10 states “ I came that they may have life and they may have it abundantly.” This reminds me that all opportunities are to be embraced. Whether it is singleness or a rafting trip in Arizona, God wants us to experience his creation. By creating good habits, we have more positive opportunities and wonderful chances to experience shalom.

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    Katie's avatar Katie

    WOW that was awesome Grace!!! raspberry

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