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August 12, 2011

Thursday, August 11 (Session 6, Day 11)

Thursday, August 11 (Session 6, Day 11)

It seems like every morning it gets progressively harder to wake up. This morning was particularly brutal. But the early bird gets the worm (or the shower), and after being woken up by some awful 80’s movie soundtrack and then a much better “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better,” I trudged downstairs to listen to Eric Smith speak on God’s intention for humanity as revealed through the Eden story. What really started weighing on my heart is the future obliteration of the sin nature. As Eric pointed out, in the Garden there was no sin nature, just the possibility for disobedience. I can’t express how excited I am for Christ’s return, when sin will no longer drag this world and me along in its iron grip!

Dr. Norm Geisler then gave a brilliant exposition of basic Christian apologetics, offering the reasons for God’s existence and demonstrating the necessity of Christ as our Savior, with succinct and logical arguments, appropriate to a man who has penned OVER 70 BOOKS. Whoa! That’s a book a year since he was nine. He also thoroughly discussed the reliability of the New Testament, proving that the “differences” in Bible manuscripts only add to its reliability through the comparing of one manuscript to its more than 24,000 counterparts. Yep. 24,000 New Testament manuscripts, from ancient Greek to Latin Vulgate.

After a delicious Philly cheese steak sandwich (or several, don’t judge me), Mike Adams further illustrated America’s decline into a land without free speech, and our duty as Christians to reinforce and secure that right. He’s currently in litigation, which he views as permissible if necessary to defend our faith, to take a free speech case against a university to the Supreme Court. Watch out for that.

We also had the weekly picnic today. While virtually everybody else played volleyball I ran harder than I should’ve chasing Frisbees like a dog. Speaking of dogs, we then had hot dogs and burgers (props to the cooking team.) Nothing like some frantic, adrenaline-pumping sprints to make you hungry. Then followed worship and testimony time. Though I didn’t speak, I did hear my own story shining through the stories of these brave young people. Even people who weren’t here at the camp affected us with their stories. As many of you know, Jimmy Brazell, a dear friend of Summit’s and remarkable individual, passed away recently. But we know he has been reconciled to and embraced by his Father, and we are so grateful for the legacy he left.

Jimmy led what I would call a consistent life. I’ve only heard stories of him, but it’s evident that he drew everyone in his life closer to Christ. He knew that Christ has saved him and that was how he should live. It was simple math to him, not rocket science. Show the kindness that God has shown to us, merely because He asks us to. Today we learned from Dr. Geisler that many atheists express internal conflict at the prospect of life without God. They know He’s there, His law is on their hearts, just as it is in everyone, and all are therefore without excuse (Romans 1:20). There are two choices. Rebel against God and have conflict forever (literally), or reconcile and live in God’s grace. Again, not rocket science.

Tonight’s worship and testimony were very powerful. References to death and depression bubbled up one after another, and it was so evident to me how necessary spiritual warfare is against these two very powerful weapons of the enemy. There were stories of alcoholism, bad relationships, you name it, but what must drive Satan crazy, bonkers, and downright postal, is the redemption these kids have in their Savior. And knowing that serpent’s suffering, my dreams will be sugary sweet tonight. A bleary-eyed warrior for Christ out.

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  • August 12, 2011 // 01:02 pm //  # 
    Catherine's avatar Catherine

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this Andrew.  My son is there with you at Summit, so I have been following this blog along and I think it’s really great for parents to see all that their kids are learning and taking in at Summit.  I’m looking forward to getting him back to California, but am so happy that he was able to go and spend time at Summit! A wonderful opportunity for all of you to have a Christian worldview firmly fixed in your minds as you move forward in life.  Stay in the Word so that you will truly know the authentic from the counterfeit.

  • August 24, 2011 // 07:43 am //  # 
    Celeste Unfred's avatar Celeste Unfred

    Thank you, Andrew! You have encouraged me today to “lean in to the wind”.....intentionally press on. Our heavenly Father is doing an excellent work among His children.

  • July 07, 2012 // 01:11 am //  # 
    Winfred Roger's avatar Winfred Roger

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