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May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29 (Session 2, Day 1)

Sunday, May 29 (Session 2, Day 1)

Have you ever had the chance to sing "Father Abraham" at the top of your lungs with twenty other high school or college-aged people on a school bus? I highly doubt it. That is why Summit is so amazing.

My name is Amanda, and this is my first year on staff as a small group leader and the Graphic Design intern.

I slept in late this morning for the first time in weeks. My day started off lazily with me skipping breakfast to talk on the phone for an hour. After lunch I went out on the porch and sat around with a bunch of staffers while we waited for two o'clock. At that time, about fifteen staffers and I jumped on the school bus that would take us to the airport. "Airport" is a happy word at the Summit... it describes that feeling of utter excitement, adventure, and anticipation. Have you ever anticipated anything? No one anticipates anything quite like staffers anticipate students. It's why we're here. (Sidenote: I almost cried the first time I got my list of small group students and saw their individual names on paper as REAL people and not just figments of my imagination.) Our drive to the airport was full of obnoxious songs, a pointless shouting game, and staffers (whose names we will not mention) climbing on the suitcase storage compartments for group pictures. Hyperactive? ...Yes, but don't judge! It's hard not to get a little hyperactive when you meet a hundred cool people in one day. We sat on the airport carpet like hoboes for about an hour eating Goldfish and grapes, and then, lo and behold, the first pack of students arrived! We all stood up, swarmed around them, and started shooting questions at them. Enthusiasm is the key, but I have to say our enthusiasm to meet these students was genuine. We had prayed for them at their individual desks, and we legitimately want to make these two weeks a wonderfully stretching and enriching experience for them. We want to get to know all their names and be able to hear each of their stories. It is so refreshing to be in a place with people in your age group from everywhere in the nation (or world). You feel so exotic and you didn't even go anywhere!

On a more serious note, the relationships built here are only a part of the impact that Summit has on students. It offers more than a “camp high;” it offers a life-changing experience based on more than emotions. The classroom topics are often heavy, overwhelming, and thought-provoking, molding students into intelligent and bold defenders of Christianity. The atmosphere of Summit is counter-cultural, going against worldly apathy and thoughtlessness. As a whole, the experience is invaluable. While I am excited to bond with the students, I am also thrilled at what God will do in their hearts and minds over these next two weeks.

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  • May 31, 2011 // 07:30 am //  # 
    Angela Jackson's avatar Angela Jackson

    My name is Angela and my daughter is at Summit right now. She is having a very difficult time and I would love to speak with Amanda if at all possible.  My # is 405-521-7979.  Thank you!

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