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May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27 (Session 1, Day 7)

Sunday, May 27 (Session 1, Day 7)


Here at Summit, some of us take our day of rest very literally, while others find it more refreshing to exhaust every muscle in their bodies. I would fall into the former category. While several of my friends dispersed for white-water rafting, rock climbing, or hiking, I enjoyed the additional sleep and relaxed schedule here at the hotel. I used my free time to play cards, sing, and wander around town. The highlights of my day, however, were the bookends of quiet time and small group.  

To begin my day, I spent over an hour reading my Bible and contemplating what I have learned so far at Summit. As a second-year student, I compared and contrasted my two sessions. The session this year has been just as challenging and encouraging as last year’s, but God is using the material to teach me some very different things. Last year, I returned home humbled by how little I knew, impressed with the need to be grateful for every detail of my day. This year, those same lessons remain true, but others have been emphasized in their place.  

First, I received a renewed understanding of the blessings I have received. I was raised and homeschooled by Christian parents who truly care about me, and nurtured by a church that emphasized a Biblical foundation. When 180 students gather together, there are many who are not so blessed. This past week, hearing the stories of speakers and students alike has reminded me to thank God for all the ways in which He has protected me.

Second, I came to recognize a thread running through several of our lectures that stuck out to me. I heard multiple times that I must be surrounded by Christian fellowship that will encourage me, challenge me, and hold me accountable. Here at Summit, I found it easy to relate to one another on the most basic of foundations: a shared faith and a shared home. Together as students, we have found wonderful Christian fellowship. I pray that as we all return home, we will continue to share our lives with those around us.  

Returning to Summit this summer felt like coming home, especially as I was greeted by staff who were at my session last year. The students are mostly new, but they have quickly become my Summit family. For those of you at home who read this, understand that in a mere week, we have become incredibly close. No doubt, the bond will only be strengthened as we spend another week together, and separating will be difficult. The love that we share is truly of God, and I pray that we will all take that love home into our communities.  

I am praying that we as students will continue to build each other up in the Lord over the next week, and that each of us will remain in strong Christian fellowship even as we go home. 


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