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June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10 (Session 2, Day 8)

Sunday, June 10 (Session 2, Day 8)


This morning, I woke up at 5am and got ready for whitewater rafting with a rafting company called Noah’s Ark. We arrived at Buena Vista around 8:30. The tour guide gave us a quick lesson before we got on the boat. By the end of his briefing, I only got one thing out of it: the temperature of the water was 30 degrees. I was freaking out because I am from Texas and not used to cold weather, nor cold water. However, I was very excited. The trip took us nearly two and half hours to get to our final destination. It was a very bumpy and exciting adventure. I really enjoyed it. 

We arrived back at Summit at 4:30pm after from a long day of adventure. The first thing after arriving was to make sure to shower and take an hour nap before dinner. Dinner was very delicious; it felt like Thanksgiving all over again. 

After dinner, a group of friends and I decided to treat ourselves with some good ol’ custard from the Colorado Custard shop. It was very delicious. Not only that, but we also had a very interesting conversation with the owner from the custard place, Matt Carpenter! He talked about his accomplishments in running marathons. A friend of mine told him he must be from Narnia because he is very good, which made us all laugh. It was pretty awesome!

Tonight’s session was really good as well. Dr. Myers made some very interesting points  as he talked about, “What is the Church.” Normally, people view the church as a building where group of Christians go to just pray and be holy... wrong!  We learned from Dr. Myers that the church is the body of Christ. This means that the church is not only a building where Christians meet to pray and worship, but is also a place for the sick, lost world-changer; a place where we can grow as Christians and empower each other.

The session was so good. I loved it!


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