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July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29 (Session 5, Day 8)

Sunday, July 29 (Session 5, Day 8)

Before this week, never had the name “Summit” come across my mind. But it was the pastor of my church who invited ten students, including myself, to attend Summit. Summit is like an apologetics class, in which I have learned about topics that go beyond the normal wisdom from the Bible. Throughout the six days I have been here, I feel as if I have taken in a whole year’s worth of information. Here at Summit, we take around six hours of class a day. Sounds just like a normal boring school day right? WRONG. We are learning how to defend our faith. The speakers are by far the cream of the crop among Christian speakers (the only thing that might be better than the speakers, is the food, which is five-star restaurant quality, but that is another topic). The speakers come from different backgrounds; their testimonies include struggles in atheism, homosexuality, and prison. However, each one eventually discovered Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life. The history of the speaker’s adds more credibility to what they are teaching.

Now as an example of their teachings, here’s what I learned today. In the morning, we began with a lecture by Toby Neugebauer about the topic of financial matters. Most of the lectures by other speakers all directly related to Christianity and mentioned Jesus several times. Thus, I thought that it was a bit strange to have a session on financial matters. I wasn’t sure what Jesus had to do with balancing the budget, but I went along with it anyway. Neugebauer was an intelligent man who pointed out how important it is for OUR generation to be the one to take a stand and start fixing the issue of national debt. With statistics and evidence, he showed us the truth about financial matters around the world. He also showed us that previous generations continuously borrowed and accumulated a debt that has now become more difficult to pay back with every year. I realized that this conference is not only helping me with my faith, and helping me defend it, but teaching me practical issues that I will deal with as an adult.

Before lunch, Bob Linden’s session involved leadership. He stressed the importance of being a Christian leader, not only a leader to Christians, but a leader who has the worldview of Christianity. The impact of attitude was stressed, and I realized that the attitude of knowing God is sovereign, and in control of everything, is one that is not always acknowledged in my life. I know God is sovereign, yet when some events occur, I sometimes feel helpless, and wonder why God is not intervening. I realize though, that God is ALWAYS in control, and that joy will be brought from despair. I learned that it is up to me to create my attitude, or be a victim of it. Many famous people in history were mocked and turned down, yet with their attitudes of perseverance, they were able to become the people talked about today. Albert Einstein flunked algebra, yet became one of the greatest geniuses in our history. Michael Jordan was kicked off his highschool basketball team. A thought crossed my mind:” If these people were able to have such great achievements, then what are we able to accomplish if we have God by our side?”

Now, for the dinner lecture, we had the AXIS team. They stemmed from influences from Summit and had a very entertaining presentation. AXIS used humor and Youtube videos to get across a couple important points: “All advertisements are arguments.” and “The issue is not unanswered questions. The issue is unquestioned answers.” We process so many advertisements in a day that it has become difficult to process which ones are good for us and which ones are bad for us. I realized that we have so many worldly influences in our lives – TV shows that are full of violence and music that promotes partying and drinking – that we really need to pay attention to what kind of information is going through our heads. I learned the power of media, the importance of limiting our media intake, and the need to replace some media with more productive activities.

Now let’s take a break from the lectures. Ah, it’s sports time! Today was our third time at a local park to play volleyball, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. During this time, we are able to have great fellowship, and enjoy the nature that God has created. It is great to take a break from the great lectures and speakers and have time for recreational activities as well. At this point, with half of Summit being over, I can safely that attending Summit is a blessing. It is much more than I expected coming in, and I leave with much more wisdom than I had before I came.

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  • July 29, 2012 // 11:02 pm //  # 
    Won J Lee's avatar Won J Lee

    Very well put! Can’t wait till you guys come home and start putting all of your learned knowledge into action smile

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