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July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24 (Session 5, Day 7)

Sunday, July 24 (Session 5, Day 7)

As I rolled out of bed at 5:30 this morning, I dreaded signing up for whitewater rafting. I hated signing up even more when I found out the bus ride was going to be two hours long and all my campmates and I had to get us through the day was a bowl of cereal. However, once my group and I crowed into our raft and started heading down the river, I knew the day was about to get much better.

During our two and a half hour boat ride, my fellow Summit-teers and our guide debated over past lectures and pending topics. The topic that got the most attention was that of Dr. Adams’s view on abortion. Though we disagreed significantly, what I enjoyed so much about our arguments was that we were all open to hearing each other’s thoughts.

Contradictory to my prior reservations, whitewater rafting became the current highlight of my stay at Summit.

Admittedly, I was not thrilled to give up two weeks of my summer before I start college. But the staff, speakers, and my fellow campers won my heart over. Just today (after I returned from the rapids) I spent three hours in town – joking around and shopping with my new friends Jacob, Nalalie, and Andrew. Although we have come from polar opposite backgrounds and have slim to none in common, we have the best time together. Those three hours felt as if they were fifteen minutes. When we checked the clock, we could not believe we only had ten minutes to climb the hill back to the Hotel to sit in for our only lecture of the day.

Tonight was the first night John Stonestreet spoke to our class. Looking around, I saw that the entire class was completely engaged in his talk on how culture is it completely overshadowing Christianity. He really challenged our complacency in society today. Instead of our generation making an effort to change our culture, we are embracing it. I was even embarrassed when he asked us if we knew what celebrities were in which movies and we could name them with ease, but we were all speechless when he asked who the fifth king of Israel was or who wrote certain books of the Bible. He really opened my eyes to how much more I place my attention on pop culture than I do on God. Mr. Stonestreet inspired me (to say the least) to dig deeper into the Bible and pay attention to the little details.

Followed by the lecture, a movie was turned on about global warming. This was not the most ideal of videos to watch after a long day, but it was interesting to hear that the idea of greenhouse gases causing a global meltdown is actually nothing more than a myth. The true cause of the heating and cooling of the earth is due to the sun and its destructive gases.

During this experience, I my worldview has been challenged and my faith has grown. I have made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Overall, I love it here.

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  • July 27, 2011 // 07:58 am //  # 
    Suzanne's avatar Suzanne

    Great blog, Ariel!!

  • October 10, 2011 // 06:28 pm //  # 
    chickasaw teamwork's avatar chickasaw teamwork

    The whole trip sounds so exciting. That is one major benefit of the summit organization that we get to interact with people differing like opposite poles in terms of culture, perspective and thoughts. The summit’s camps always had been this exciting with all fun and a little adventure I guess. No wonder teens always fall for this. It seems like Stonestreet had you all with his thought inducing lecture about Christianity. Just like him, I too expect today’s teens not to eclipse about God and Bible with their pop culture. Looks like the camp was all with fun for sure and good to know it did give students a little awareness about the global warming as well.

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