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August 28, 2010

Session 8 | Day 7

Session 8 | Day 7

I’m really happy that I signed up to write the Summit blog today because I have the special privilege of writing on “Middle Saturday.” Why is that a privilege? Because I know enough about Summit to tell people what it’s like, but I don’t yet have the superiority complex that I’m sure I’ll have by the end of Week 2.

So here’s the thing about Summit: it’s not what I expected. And that’s a good thing, for two main reasons.

First, I love Summit because I disagree with the lecturers with relative frequency. I envisioned myself at Summit taking frantic notes on speakers that spouted off answers to questions I’d always wondered about. But—fortunately—that’s not what I found here. Disagreeing with the lecturers has taught me to think, to make up my own mind on an issue, and to be able to articulate why I believe what I think. That’s so much better than just getting answers to a few questions.

The second astonishingly awesome and completely unsought facet of Summit is the effect of being immersed in a Christian environment. Being able to have a conversation about theology with anyone at the drop of a hat…learning that others share my “growing up Christian” experiences…meeting person after person with character (and not a few people that are characters!)…it’s impossible to discount this aspect of Summit.

I’m having the time of my life—and this is just the first week!

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  • August 30, 2010 // 12:07 pm //  # 
    Rick Talbon's avatar Rick Talbon

    I’m glad to hear you’ve allowed yourself to learn from the Summit experience even if you don’t agree with all that is taught there. That’s great!

    I feel the same way… although I had a great time at the two sessions i went to I’ve grown to disagree with almost everything they teach. But like you suggest, the Christian community and emphasis on intellectual honesty and clarity and vigor left a lasting positive impact on my life.

    I’d like to know a little bit about what doesn’t sit right with you and if you’ve encountered any peer discussion that’s open to disagreement while at summit.

  • August 30, 2010 // 03:55 pm //  # 
    Sarah Welch's avatar Sarah Welch

    There wasn’t so much a large issue that I can immediately say I disagree with. Rather, it’s lots of smaller things, like seeing a hole in an argument. I think when I have time, I’ll be able to see more what bothers me.

    I absolutely have encountered people who are receptive to my arguments. They’re sometimes able to point out something I didn’t notice, which is helpful…and just being able to voice my opinion is therapeutic.

    God bless,

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