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September 02, 2010

Session 8 | Day 12

If I could summarize my experience here at Summit in only a few words, I would say, “It’s more fun than a human being oughta have!” Since I get only one chance to write for this blog, I’ll just describe the most outstanding aspects of my time here.

Last Friday, we watched a movie called “Agenda.”  The movie presented evidence that a long line of Marxists stretching all the way back to Karl Marx himself devised a simple yet powerful plan to destroy the American political system. The key idea behind this plan was to gradually erode the moral foundations upon which the American government rests. Although the concept of such a Marxist agenda sounds a little farfetched at first, “Agenda” presented books in which radical Marxists explicitly described their goals. And whether Marxists actually shape our culture or not, the fact remains that America’s moral culture is rapidly changing.

On Sunday morning, a group of brave men and women rose before 6AM to ride a bus to Pike’s Peak. Arriving at the base of the mountain around 7:30, we began hiking. After hiking for a long time (around five minutes), members of the group started asking how much longer the ascent would last and wondering if they would survive the climb. Fortunately, everyone did survive, and we all reached the summit successfully. The view from the top was absolutely incredible! After hiking back down the mountain, we all shared a feeling of accomplishment.

Monday morning began with two lectures by Dr. Del Tackett, who discussed the topic of America’s Christian heritage. One story that Dr. Tackett told particularly stood out: the story of the Pilgrims. Most people know the basic story of the Pilgrims: that they fled to America seeking freedom from persecution. But few people know the rest of the story—the Pilgrims stayed in America despite terrible conditions because they believed that by staying, they could be stepping stones for the spread of the Gospel. They willingly laid down their lives without ever seeing the results of their faithfulness!

During free time today, a group of students gathered in the lobby to pray. After hearing about all of the problems in our country and our world, we felt moved to ask for God’s help. Praying with fellow students was very encouraging, and it helped us to focus on the One who is really in charge of all that’s happening.

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  • September 15, 2010 // 02:40 pm //  # 
    Keith Jarrett's avatar Keith Jarrett

    Josh, your post is really encouraging. And I wholeheartedly agree with your synopsis of Del Tackett’s talk. Imagine doing American History with that man. Too much fun.

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