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August 31, 2010

Session 8 | Day 10

Session 8 | Day 10

Well, week 2 of Summit Session 8 is starting to fly by! It’s Tuesday, and it feels like we’ve all been here for somewhere between a few hours and a month. After dinner tonight we all gathered in the classroom for worship. One of my lovely friends, Devon, played the flute, as staff members played piano, violin, and guitar, while we all sang.

Next Dr. Noebel spoke to us about secular humanism, showing us several pages of quotations that reveal how this worldview is truly a religion at it’s core. He suggested several books from the fields of economics, politics, and biology. It seems to be the growing consensus among the students that the ultimate joy would be to own every book in the book store, along with the countless others that are being suggested!

After Dr. Noebel spoke, four boys that had just learned that a beloved staff member would be leaving in the morning, presented him with a Justin Bieber poster, explaining that it was symbolic of the lessons of “manhood” they had learned from him.

But by the end of the night, there was a more serious tone in the air. We watched a video lecture on abortion. Only two minutes out of the three-part lecture were spent showing any graphic pictures of fetuses, and it was set to music so that those who wished to look away were able to do so without any problems. Before and after those two minutes were logical and well-thought-out arguments and evidence showing why fetuses are human and how God is eager to forgive anyone who has experience with abortions.
Tonight I’m sure I’ll talk with my roommates about this video, like we do almost every night after an interesting or heavy topic.

I love Summit! It’s almost impossible to decide which is better: the amazing education we are all getting or the life-long friendships that have taken hold of us. Everyone has been so open and kind, ready to make friendships with all different kinds of people, and I feel like we’re all continuing to get closer as the days go on. “I don’t want Summit it end!” has been uttered many a time these last few days. Good news? We still have time left to soak this in!

Well I’m off to bed! A quick shout out to my family, especially Jonas and Eli! Love you all, and it’s going even better than I thought possible!

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