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August 16, 2010

Session 7 | Day 9b

Session 7 | Day 9b

I knew that I would be attending Summit in 2010 since last year. My parents have made it somewhat of a tradition in our household to award the high school graduate with this two-week camp. It wasn’t until I arrived at this magnificent (and somewhat intimidating) place that I began to feel uneasy about the road ahead of me. I have concluded that the source of my uneasiness was what my dad told me as my graduation ceremony approached:

“I know we could give you a car or a computer like the rest of your classmates are getting, but we want to get you something that will last far longer than those things. I hope God absolutely shatters you…and then glues you back together stronger and more grounded than before.”

Quite frankly, I didn’t want to be broken. It’s a scary thought. There were also the other anxieties that accompany being thrust into a new situation. What if I have no friends? What if my roommates are awful? What if I get hopelessly lost in this tourist town?

Luckily, none of my fears came to pass. Most people were extremely friendly and willing to form new relationships, my roommates are about as awesome as they come, and Manitou Springs is pretty difficult to get lost in.
I did, however, feel God slowly breaking me each and every day. Through discussions with my friends and staff, as well as with my small group, I began to see areas of my life that needed “revising,” and through the classes I was shown areas where the world needed this as well. How the world is in desperate need of young, fiery, passionate advocates of Christ.

However, just as my dad had hoped, God did put me back together. He used the wonderfully knowledgeable teachers to provide me with facts and reasoning to back up what I’ve always known in my heart to be true and the incredibly personable staff members to encourage me along the way. God also placed some fantastic friends in my life to listen to me vent when I was confused or hurting and to always lighten the mood with uncanny timing.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two weeks spent at the base of God’s handiwork are far more valuable than a Mercedes or a laptop. Not only did my parents provide me with a two-week getaway in the mountains, but also with lifelong friends, fantastic memories and an unshakable faith.

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