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August 25, 2007

Session 7 | Day 7

"There's a certain amount of humility that is attached to wonder, and a certain amount of pride attached to knowledge and I think the moment you say 'we know beyond a shadow of a doubt this exists', you can't have faith that it exists. Faith is no longer possible. So faith is only possible when doubt is possible. Faith is only possible when humility and wonder is possible..." -- Mr. Jonathan Foreman
I must say that the Summit (as far as I know) doesn't endorse Switchfoot, so disclaimer aside...taking up humility, faith, and wonder, we're hiking to the summit of Pike's Peak tomorrow. In case you didn't know, that is where America the Beautiful was written. Those of us hiking intend to process and supplement this last week's learning sans powerpoint and lecture notes. This is a wonderful place, the hike tomorrow will prove that; the speakers and staff prove that everyday. It'll be a day to relax. Humility will be hard to ignore on the peak. Faith, I'm believing, is impossible to live without, even if you don't think about it.
Today we had a cookout at the park with volleyball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. Yesterday was a blur. I'll have to brainstorm to remember it, but 'tis late.

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