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August 20, 2009

Session 7 | Day 6

Hi! My name is Sarah, or as everyone here calls me, Lydia. I'm from Ripon Wisconsin, and I will be your blog writer tonight. First of all, I have to say, I can't believe it's already Friday! It seems like we just got here, and we have so much more to learn, that we can't possible fit it into one more week. Anyways, though I have been enrolled in public schools most of my life, my dad was a pastor for the first nine years of my life, and has given me a slight insight of homeschooling. I must apologize in advance if I sound uneducated in this blog, for I am currently running on about five hours of sleep, so please bare with me.

Today was the sixth day of summit, and we all had an amazing time! We started out the morning with Mr. John Stonestreet who gave a lecture on the relationship and structure of marriage and family. He had a lot of interesting insight, involving the corruption of marriage, as it was originally meant to be. The basic definition of marriage given in the Bible is that marriage is to be a lifelong union between one man and one woman, instituted by God. We have drastically changed this definition in almost every possible way. First off, marriage is to be a lifelong union. We, as a society, have become very comfortable with the idea of divorce. It is no longer looked down upon to divorce your spouse, and many people consider it an unavoidable situation. Second, marriage is to be between one MAN and one WOMAN. Although most states have not given in to legal rights of same sex marriage, some have, and others are well on their way. Third, marriage is to be instituted by God. We have taken God away from many things in this life, but how can we take him away from one of the most beautiful things that he has given to us. The sanctity of marriage is to be a wonderful God given gift, for the purpose of the next generation. The message of John Stonestreet was basic. We are to defy the forces looking to destruct the basic foundation of marriage.

Before and after lunch we had Mr. Jeff Schaefer who gave a lecture on the legal rights of students, and how many universities are scheming in order to catch students disagreeing with the secular views of their schools in order to get them expelled. Jeff is part of a company called the Alliance Defense Fund (A.D.F.). His job is to defend students who are unjustly failed or kicked out of a university. He told us many stories about cases he had worked with personally. He mentioned professors who asked absurd questions, such as "Would you date a gay man?" and if the student would not give the answer the professor wanted, he would fail them or attempt to get them expelled. Mr. Schaefer also did the open forum tonight and answered many questions that students were having trouble with, as they got ready to go back to school.

Today during lunch we had one of our favorite speakers come back to answer more questions: Mr. Ryan Dobson. He originally spoke on Wednesday, and I can safely say that we all got a lot out of his presentation. So much so, in fact, that we asked him to come back both yesterday and today in order to answer more questions.

Many students chose to tour the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs during free time. I personally did not go, but when I asked others about the experience, this is what they said. "It was great! We saw a lot of things, no one famous, but it was really cool to see where they go to train!"~Amy. "We went to a lot of the more basic training places, but seeing as many athletes were training there, it was a limited tour, but still lots of fun!"~Sarah. I'm sure it was an awesome experience, and I hope to visit myself some day.

Our last session of the day was by Dr. Noebel. He talked about worldviews in conflict. The summary of his lecture was that six worldviews control the entire population of our planet. He went on to give us the numbers of people claiming to follow different worldviews (given by the U.N.), in comparison to the current world population, and the numbers all add up! It was a very interesting lecture, and I look forward to hearing more from him in the next week.

To wrap things up tonight, we watched a movie called, "The Mystery of Life Forms." It was a very interesting movie, which discussed the evidence of intelligent design evident in all forms of life on our planet. It also went into the details of the human body, such as a single cell, or an eye. Things so unique, and so well planned out could not possible have been an accident. Though, I am most definitely not a scientific person, even I could see how science itself disproves it's own theory of evolution.

Overall, today was a really great day here at The Summit. Shout out to my grandparents for sending me here, as well as all of the other families, and donors who helped all of us young people to be able to receive such an amazing education in these two weeks. Thank you!

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