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August 23, 2007

Session 7 | Day 5

It's day five here at Summit, Session Seven, and it has been a full day. Here are a few highlights...

Doc surprised us this morning with the fact that we were going to have a visit from an area congressman. Congressman Lamborn talked to us students about the challenges and persecutions that we will face as Christians and encouraged us with passages from 1 Peter. We also got to hear three great lectures by Dr. White. Before the first lecture, in which Dr. White was going to be speaking about Sigmund Freud, some of the students surprised him with the gift of a Freud action figure purchased at a toy store here in Manitou Springs. Dr. White assured us that he would "treasure" the gift and keep it on his desk. In his next lecture, Dr. White showed us some awesome evidence disproving evolution. Much of that evidence involved numbers and "more zeros that you could shake a stick at" (Dr. Noebel's expression).

Doc Noebel's lecture on worldviews tonight was informative "more fun that a human should have". He's been filling our "gazebos" (I wonder where that came from?) with great new thoughts and, of course, picking on the 16 year olds and the Texans (Yeehaw!). Everyone sure loves Dr. Noebel!

We were also visited today by Mr. Asay, a cartoonist who used his art to communicate with us the importance of worldviews.

In our free time we all went to the park where most of the students played tennis, soccer, ultimate, or volleyball, or just sat and talked. It's been a blessing for me personally to be able to talk through the things I've been learning with my awesome room mates and new friends here at Summit. Summit is all about teaching us students to THINK, and part of that for me has been having deep discussions with other students. : )

Another highlight of the day was our awesome student-led worship time this evening. Heather, Kelly, and John Mark did a great job singing and playing guitar for us.

The evening came to a close with a video in Islam and small group time followed by lights out at 11:30.

I've learned so much here at Summit. I feel so much better equipped to both share and defend my faith, as well as convicted and encouraged to do so more faithfully. I'm so thankful for the awesome staff, speakers, supporters, and everyone else who make Summit happen every year. Y'all are awesome!

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