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August 20, 2008

Session 7 | Day 4

By Stephen Garvey

Learning who Jesus Christ truly is in His essence and more importantly His meaning and impact in everyone's lives is at the core of what Summit is all about. On Wednesday the twentieth, Dr. Michael Bauman accurately portrayed and demonstrated just that in his lectures about predestination, God's character, and the problem of suffering. Dr. Bauman exposed us all to such a unique teaching style in that he rarely gave the answer to any questions which were asked of him. Rather he always invoked thought in the students by turning the questions into idea provoking inquiries. He helped us all immensely by working through all the issues we encountered step by step and really brought all those massive concepts down to comprehensive levels. So many times professors at other camps seem to talk over your head because they can, but Dr. Bauman has a passion to see his students excel in their understanding of God.

When I think back to why I came here, these lectures today reminded me why. As Christians we fight and wage war every single day, hour, minute, and second of our short existence against faulty ideologies. The only choice we have as God's warriors is whether or not we will go to battle with our armor on. Men like Dr. Noebel and Dr. Bauman teach those principles which are the weapons and armor indispensable to a Christian's survival in this world of uncertainty. The reason we lose so many young people to the world as they go to college is because they are mesmerized into believing they can survive each year of college or their lives without the crucial tools of survival. All the students here at Summit will, I pray, continue to take all these great men's advice and be life-long learners in the weapons which make the life of a Christian enormously impactful for the Kingdom of God.

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