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August 17, 2009

Session 7 | Day 2

"Ideas have consequences; bad ideas have bad consequences" and good ideas have GREAT consequences. The quote is from Dr. Michael Bauman (the speaker for the evening session), but the last statement is my own. My great idea, along with almost 170 other people, was to come to Summit this summer. Today, was our first day actually doing what we came to do.

This morning we ate breakfast, rushed to clean our rooms, and were in class by 8:15AM. Our first session was with Chuck Edwards and he introduced the concept of worldview and we talked about why we were at Summit. He introduced us to a great quote by Josh McDowell; "The heart cannot rejoice in what the mind rejects." In essence, if we are not able to use our minds because we have "blind faith" then we will lose our faith. His second session gave much food for thought by showing how each different worldview was actually a religion because it answered the "God question."

Our third session in the morning was by Dr. Robert B. Linden who spoke on the sovereignty of God. His second session was about our responsibilities as Christians, but the best of his sessions was to come after our wonderful lunch. His third session was entitled "Key Actions of a Christian Leader" and was very applicable to my own life as I am a director for a Jr. High group at my church. Dr. Linden gave us three challenges. The first was to go reconcile relationships with any person that you do not have a good relationship with. The second was to make it a point to "recognize and reward" someone everyday for something that they did. The third was to ask your parents for them to teach you one thing that they've always wanted to teach you.

After Dr. Linden's third session we had free time, which was a wonderful break from sitting in the classroom all morning. Our free time was shortened a little bit because we all took a trip to the Garden of the Gods, a natural park filled with red rocks in interesting and beautiful shapes. Snap! Snap! The cameras were hard at work. Dinner was next and then came Open Forum with Dr. Linden. He gave us much food for thought and caused the majority of us to realize that we really needed to study more of our Bibles.

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