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September 01, 2007

Session 7 | Day 13

Well, Summit Session 7 is, for all intents and purposes, over. Only a few more shuttle buses remain to take the remaining students to Colorado Springs to begin their journey home.

What a better time then for Session 7's lone international student to plunk in some "International Content"!

Leave it to the Canadian to Summit' all up....

Ha! Get it? Summit? Sum it?

That my friends is why there aren't more Canadian comedians....

Known as "Mr. Canada" or simply "Canada" to most if not all of the students and staff here at The Summit, I have enjoyed my time here in Manitou Springs immensely. I left home 2 weeks ago on a Greyhound bus beginning a 40 hour long trek from the frigid northlands to Colorado Springs. I honestly cannot say that I'm looking forward to repeating that journey in reverse, no one should ever be subjected to such a long period of time on board such a primitive form of transportation.

Next time I'm taking my dog sled down.

To be honest I cannot think of a place on earth I would have rather spent these past two weeks. I have been challenged in more ways than I can count and inspired in an equally quantitative fashion. Over the course of Session 7 my Christian Worldview has been stretched and expanded and more importantly applied to every area of my life. When I left my igloo two weeks ago I looked forward to Summit as a much needed vacation. Yet, though I came to get away from it all, what I received was not only a much needed break but a time of growth, learning, and inspiration as well.

Speakers like Kevin Bywater, Del Tackett, Chuck Edwards, Robert Linden and of course the legendary Doctor "Doc" Noebel all performed admirably giving superb lectures to the students challenging us all in a myriad of ways. Looking back on the 60 hours of classroom time accumulated by me and my classmates over these past weeks I cannot think of a single speaker that did not teach me or challenge me in some way shape or form.

So now as the Summit hotel clears out for the final time this summer I look back on my time here with a smile. I've made numerous friends that I'll hopefully keep for life and many memories that I'll continually look back on fondly. But more importantly, I leave a changed man. God has used this two week conference to re-affirm my call to pursue higher education. I now look forward to returning to Canada and continuing my education with the goal of eventually gaining my Doctorate in History and becoming a Christian professor in a secular university. It's going to be a long difficult tedious road, much like my journey here and back to the Summit.

I hope that somehow God will take my feeble efforts at trying to use the gifts he has given me to further the cause of his glory, and perhaps even change my nation, just as my fellow students try to change the wonderful nation of America. It's a sobering thought when one realizes that without God even my most tremendous efforts are doomed to failure.Yet on the other hand that is one of the joys of being a Christian. We live in a world governed by a a sovereign God. Not a Deistic God that simply created the world, wound it up, and walked away but a God that cares and intervenes in this world. This God for some reason or another chooses to work through sinful, flawed, incompetent human beings like me and you. Thus all that's left to us is to simply do our best and let God do the rest.

That is what I intend to do and that is what I challenge the rest of you (or y'all if y'all from Texas) to do as well.

So without further ado, I bid you all farewell. Summit Session 7, I shall never forget you. Now let's go and make sure that the world doesn't forget us either.

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