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August 19, 2010

Session 7 | Day 12a

Session 7 | Day 12a

My time at Summit has been far more wonderful than I had imagined it could be. When I first decided to come, I was mildly happy to be going. I held only one expectation: that God would be incredible. Every night before bed I told Him so, too. And every new day, He exceeded my hopes. Being here has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Let’s start with the community and atmosphere because they tie together wonderfully. I have never met and lived among so many serious and loving Christians. The feeling as soon as you step in the hotel doors is safety: pure, energizing, comforting safety. Summit is a haven where Christ’s soldiers can have such loving and open community, without clicks or estrangement, no matter the age. I can confidently say that this truly is a second home—I could easily stay for another two weeks, and I’ll be sad to leave these amazing people.

As far as a sum of the last two weeks, they’ve flown by. The speakers have been more than engaging, and I’ve easily learned more information—and DESIRED to learn more information—in these last two weeks than I did last year as a junior in high school. Whether it’s spending time with my roommates, going into Manitou and touring the town, hanging out with the awesome Christian guys (who, I might add, are the most respectful group of guys I’ve ever met—it’s really so refreshing), nothing has been lacking in pure fun or intellectual stimulation.

Also, seeing so many young people worshipping whole-heartedly together is probably one of the most wonderful things anyone could ever experience. Just as being surrounded by mountain majesties and God’s handiwork in the skies is silencing and beautiful, so is an army of God’s people worshipping, learning, growing, and preparing together for the life we’ve been called to in Christ Jesus.

My prayer for Summit Ministries—for this refuge—is that it would remain impenetrable against all and every evil for generations to come until the end times. Also that every life that passes through here would be blessed for all time, and that every heart would be set on fire indefinitely. God bless Summit and everyone associated—you are all wonderful! Blessings to all of us.

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